my idiocy can be your gain so you're welcome

^^that up there is my beautiful custom built dining room table. I love it dearly and it turned out exactly as I hoped. Lou at Furious Endeavors made the table legs for me. I HIGHLY recommend him if you are wanting Hair Pen legs for a project. I recommend him sooo much that I'm going to order four more legs from him. WHY????? you ask. Well because I'm an idiot. I told the measurements wrong to the guy who built my table for me. It's a little too thin width wise for our liking. I told him 3.6 feet because in my head that's how you write out 3 feet 6 inches....welllllllll you see, that's not how you write them out. like at all. He interpreted it as 36 inches, which isn't a bad width for most people but if we are going to have several kiddos, we will just need a wider table eventually and we are always having couples over for dinner.

Because I'm a dumb with measurements, we are selling our lovely table. My heart breaks a little bit even thinking about it. Someone is going to get a very lovely table. If you live in the Memphis area and would like my beautiful table, email me. It can be yours! If you want your own table built, email me! I'll send you the info for my table guy. Just so you know, he's the best around and can build pretty much whatever you want. No joke.

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bandofbrothers said...

if i lived by you i would pick it up instantly! it's like the table of my dreams!