Real LIfe Diaries : A day in the life of us

it's been a while since I did my last day in the life post. C's schedule since then has changed and we have gone from three naps to simply two. Now that things are just a smudge different, I wanted to document what most days are like for us now. This is an example of our normal every day routine at home.  Read my last post for a small preface to this one.

8:30. C wakes up and takes his morning bottle. Yes, since my last post, actually a couple weeks ago to be exact, we have stopped nursing. Now hold you judgmental horses for just one sec... this was something I cried over, prayed over, and ended shorter than I had hoped. Josh and I have our reasons and after the Lord's approval, I weaned C.  Judge if you may, I frankly don't care because I know I made the best decision for our family. Okay... resume.

I should mention for my own sake that before C wakes, I get up around 6:30/7 and workout/run & sometimes even blog or have my quiet time.
9/9:30 am: C and I eat breakfast. Husband leaves for work around 8:50 so from here on out it's just the boy and me for the good part of the day. annnnnddd I kinda love it:) --- not the missing husband part but the part that is I get C to myself:) love that boy.
 ^^english muffin and egg whites. SO YUM.

10 am: major play time for C and I or a grocery run
 C is also growing into this little mischievous stage... I'm not gunna lie, I kinda love it. Something about that little look in his eye and how he bites down on his tongue just so while he's in mid thought. He's got his mommas genes that's for sure. About 12 times he wanted to stick his finger in our open outlet and then was crushed when I told him no (note: bottom one has safe guard, top one doesn't bc this is real life... don't call child services on me, it's since been closed after a day of hand swatting and disciplining. okay)

10:30-11am. C goes down for his morning nap & this momma gets to work on my daily Chores. Usually that doesn't involve dishes because husband does them every night after dinner. (yep, he's a keeper) But this morning it did, bc fatty over here made a chocolate cake around 10pm the night before from scratch. YUMM. 
 11:30-12:30pm I get ready for the day & have my quiet time if I haven't already. If I'm not going anywhere that day then I will usually just change out of my pjs and save my make up for another day. But this day I decided to go all out:) You can win that necklace here:) Oh, and I usually squeeze in my lunch here before C wakes.

12:30pm-2: C gets up from his nap, takes another bottle & then usually I use this time to run errands or meet up for play dates. We didn't have any where to be this day so we took a nice long walk around the block. I gotta get out of the house in some way or I'm gunna lose it. Read: I'm not an introvert.
 again, major play time occurs... by this point I'm down right exhausted. Kid can play.

2pm. C gets a bath. I really like afternoon baths for some reason. They really calm him for his afternoon nap & if we have to be somewhere that night, C smells mighty fine for it.  Notice the outfit change that has occurred. Usually this happens due in largely to C spilling, spitting up, or peeing on me... today it was all me. Darn tomatoes slipped right out of my wrap, but GO MEMPHIS.

2:30pm-4:30pm C goes down for a nap and usually stays down until 4:30 or 5 (on days where the stars align at night he sleeps until 5:30. those are reallly good days) I use this time to edit photos/blog/finish up some chores or complete a craft I've been working on. Yesterday I spent this time cooking up some big ideas for this here blog. Some things that I'm reallllllllllly (emphasis on really) excited about. Stay tuned for a new short series coming to this here blog. It's going to be really good. really really good.Oh and this time was used for laundry... still. Seriously am I the only one that takes all day to do laundry?? Scouts honor I put the last load in at 10pm. yuck.

Husband also gets home from work somewhere during this block of time usually. It gives up some time together before C wakes up from his nap to catch up on our day and have some "us" time. This day in particular he had staff meeting for our church so I had extra time to get things in order around the house.

5pm-6pm: C wakes up, gets a bottle, and helps me prepare for company coming over. Here he is crying because I won't let him crawl off the bed. mean momma, I am. 
 dinner prep...
 Husband gets home. WHOOP!
6pm-9:30pm. Church friends come over. Once a week, if not more, we have couples or people over from our church for dinner. This is one of my favorite nights. I'm telling you there is nothing so sweet to the soul as sitting down with new friends and discussing how the Lord is moving in their lives and marriage. Seriously good stuff. As usual with these guys, we end up talking waaay to late into the night about who knows what & they leave with their little boy half asleep. If it happens to be a night with no company, The three of us eat dinner, play with C or take him on a walk, and/or watch TV while playing with C. Really it's just MAJOR down time for us.

Oh, and if you ever drop your keys down in a sewer, I'm your girl.

around 8 to 8:30: C gets a bottle & goes down to bed. We do our routine of family worship. Since we had company over, they joined in. We want family worship time to always happen despite company being over. It's a priority to us.

by 10pm company has left and this is the face of one exhausted momma with a very full heart.  This post can't possibly explain the busyness that is my day. I don't understand the momma's out there that have time to watch soap operas or simply chill on the couch. I think I can count on one hand the times I've had time to watch a tv show during the day. To be honest, I hate it. I want to use my time wisely while at home during the day. My husband works too hard for me to just sit on the couch in my jammies. I want my days to be productive in the home. To be spent raising and playing with our son & making it a haven to our family. A place of relaxation for my husband after a long day of work. Raising C, House Keeping, Photography & Editing keep my day pretty darn busy.
 10:30pm (or earlier if company isn't over) Husband and I retire to bed. Sometimes we will squeeze in a TIVO show or read. & almost every time we squeeze in some good ole cuddling. Love that man of mine.

Day over and out.


Nicole said...

I love what you said about using your time at home wisely. Such a great way for others to see the heart of someone who stays home. So many make it out to be nothing but park runs and lunches out and all fun and games. But, I know that is HARD. And what an important job! Thanks for letting me see the "real" side of it. :) And I think I know that gal who came over for dinner! I recognize her from when I student taught! I think she is an assistant at Chickasaw!

petal and plume said...

so very lovely! thank you for sharing!

Judy Beltrez said...

so lovely! sounds like my kind of day. except that my little one is 18 months now and is down to just one nap. I loved those 3 naps lol. i love how you guys open your home and spend time with friends during family worship.

Kendra Castillo said...

ah this post is so sweet! I makes me cherish my everyday routine

Emily Murtha said...

I really wouldn't worry about what other people think - it looks like you are doing a great job as a mom :)

Corina said...

I love this post! I have really been wanting to do a day-in-the-life kind of post. and yours might have just inspired me to go for it!

I'm a new mom and I love hearing about how other moms spend their time. I also like to see that there is some sort of structure to your day because right now my days feel like chaos. It gives me hope that someday mine will too!

Corina said...

I love this post! I have really been wanting to do a day-in-the-life kind of post. and yours might have just inspired me to go for it!

I'm a new mom and I love hearing about how other moms spend their time. I also like to see that there is some sort of structure to your day because right now my days feel like chaos. It gives me hope that someday mine will too!

Jessika Speer said...

Thank you for sharing this! I'm also a stay at home mama and I've been in a rut lately, I really need to re-establish a schedule. My little guy is 18 mo and I'm 4 mo pregnant with baby #2 so I've been feeling like doing nada lately! Anyway, you've inspired to get my butt back into gear, thanks! :)