So it happened. FINALLY

So I realize that I somehow let a whole week go by without blogging. Opps. To say that I've been busy would be the understatement of the year. Last week I met up with two different girls for discipleship and a sweet time of encouragement and prayer. So thankful for a husband who encourages me to have community. But I also had something else going on... just my BFF'S wedding that's all:)

She was absolutely stunning. These are a mixture of iphone & the fancy pants camera. I know it's a little much but I mean... it's her wedding. It's like blogger code to have a bajillion pics in one post when one of your bff's get married? right? yes.
 She was stunning.
 ^^corset battle. We totally conquered.
 ^^these two ladies mean the world to me!
 ^^photobomb of the century right here.
 I totally failed to capture all her AMAZING details but that's what her real photog is for. Everything from the different cakes & pies, handmade tassels done by yours truly, the outdoor living room, custom corn-hole game, and the rockin photo booth were sooooooo darling. This girls wedding is one for a magazine fo sho.
 ^^The weather was perfection and they catered BBQ so basically it was a southerners delight.
 ^^seriously stop the cuteness
 ^^SO many people I love up there. And that girl on the bottom right... yeah, total blog world meets real world! Loved finally meeting Whitney is person:) She even blogged about the wedding too!
 ^^I did you a favor by narrowing this down to two. I did have 5 images, but I mean that smile. Can't even.
 ^^I'll be featuring a blogpost about that girl Emily up there. You will die when I do. Just get ready.
 ^^I just need to brag on my man for like a quick sec. He took care of C friday and saturday so this little momma could run around doing wedding stuff. HE is the apple to my sauce. Love him so.

 Everything about the ceremony and reception went off without a glitch. It was a magical day no doubt. Thank you sweet Al for letting me be a part of your big day. I love you, Mrs. Holcomb!!!!!!


Hima Rajana said...

All of these pictures are so gorgeous. The photobooth is hilarious too.

Z said...

:) if it was your bff's wedding then you certainly couldn't blog:)
you and your friend both look absolutely stunning.\found you via Monday mingle.

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

what a lovely wedding! you look like you had an absolute blast!

Justynn Yagiela said...

Those are SUCH cute bridesmaid dresses. Where are they from?

Thanks for linking up the to Friend Connect Blog Hop today!

Co-Host // Justynn
Creative Life Antics

Jess Elyse said...

That looks like a great wedding! I love your bridesmaid dress! So cute!

Amy Kavelaris said...

What fantastic pictures! You are adorable and your friend's dress was stunning! Found you on the Annapolis and Co link up. So nice to meet you!

love, amy


Nicole said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I've fallen in love with big, long tables at weddings. Too perfect.