sometimes as a mom, you fail. majorly. {The Real Life Diaries}

 ^^no. I didn't hit him, spank him, pick his nose, or change his diaper. He isn't even teething in that pictures. So why is he a hot mess? Water.

Last week I hand this grand idea that I would take C to a local splash park. I really wanted to take some fun pictures of him in the water laughing and splashing like I did last year with my niece & nephew. So I called up some girlfriends and off we went.

The other kiddos played as expected. 
 C screamed the entire time. I concluded that the kid is not a fan of ice cold water being poured over your entire body. Go figure. I wanted to get a little frustrated that he wouldn't play with the other babies like I ingeniously planned. I wanted my cute pictures dang it. But upon learning that all C really wanted was the cool shade, some puffs, and mommas lap, I couldn't blame him. Kid knows what's up and besides, I got alotta more months to get that kid to play in a sprinkler. He will do it eventually... right? 

Lesson learned. NEVER wake a baby up early for a day of ice cold water being splashed in their face. Totally failed on the days adventure. Plus side... C's hair looked really red in the sun so here's to praying the redness returns! Come bacccccck red locks. come back.

a very boring hair colored, mean momma

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annabclark said...

I have 4 year old and 2 year old boys....both hate sprinklers. Always have. I've tried everything. No cute pictures for me either. :-/ grr.