The Way I See You

Haven't done a TWISY post in a while but hey such is life. Also, I don't even know if that sentence makes sense but you get my drift.

^^a few weeks back inbetween watermelon devouring and kisses from lolli, I snapped these pics. Sun was setting.  Air was cool. Family was all around. It was honestly one of those moments where I'm just so thankful for where I am, where I live, and who the Lord has blessed me with. C was in a particularly good mood and my camera was in hand. So of course, with the sun as dreamy as it was, I had to snap a few of C laughing in Lolli's arms. And gosh darn it these aren't just about my favorite pictures of C to date.

In other news, C would like to say something very important.

"jk cf  xnhnm  mjnj   fnm b  g nhb  h gy  yfytrsetd df5rf ;bbfytjk mm  h nnbb g  bvbbgcv"- C

I would tell you what he was saying, but in honestly he just likes the sound of the keyboard keys popping up and down to the rhythm of his palm. And when you blog with a baby in your lap, this is the kind of post you get sometimes.

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bandofbrothers said...

these are so beautiful! great job!