better late than never

It's embarrassing how late this post is. I took the pictures earlier this month and have just been forgetting to post this. Little boy turned 10 months on the 3rd. not sure how it's possible.


my mind is honestly exploding that you are somehow 10 months. The thought of a year of having you in my arms being only 2 months away makes me honestly want to cry a little bit. It's no surprise that each stage with you becomes increasingly more fun than the last. Your personality is blooming and your smile is contagious. You are wearing 6-9 & 6-12 month clothing. Your rocking a size 4 diaper. you take 2 two naps a day- total of 4-5 hours. You sleep through the night like a dream still and are the most happy in the mornings and right before bedtime. You eat breakfast, snack, and dinner throughout the day and in between bottle feedings.

New things you learned/did during month 10:

-You can now spin yourself in circles using your feet. It's quiet entertaining to you and me both.
-You've learned to dance. When music comes on or I hum a silly tune, you will shake your head back and forth. It's ridiculously adorable. Your dad can not get enough of it.
-You now mimic our sounds or facial expressions.
- You only eat big boy food. YOU LOVE strawberries, blueberries, avocado, black beans, bananas, and olives. Okay, honestly, you love pretty much everything. You are the best eater. I'm pretty sure I listed this as a new one last month but I'm still blown away that you are doing this now. You're growing crazy fast.
- We've had to start doing some small disciplining. You now like to try to eat Finn's dog food or touch the outlets in the wall. Usually you attempt it once and after we say no, you move on to something else. Occasionally, we have to pop your little hand and it crushes my heart. I've got a lot of preparing my heart to do for the days of disciplining ahead.
-You love playing with the door stoppers and you've memorized where they are in the house.
-You went through a brief clingy stage and you only wanted me or your dad. I was totally okay with that;)
-You are really becoming quite the daddy's boy. Sometimes you prefer him over me. Most times probably. I love that you get so excited when he comes home from work. It's precious.

oh C. I love you so.



Heather Leigh said...

Aww Happy 10 Months C! I feel ya girl. My Evie is gonna be nine months next week and I'm mind blown. Love the photo's!

Brittany said...

Can't believe these babies are almost a year already!

Kendra Castillo said...

He is so adorable :)