can't even come up with a title for this one.

The past two weeks around here have been non stop, so this weekend we barricaded the doors and stayed in. Well, not really, I had coffee with friends and breakfast with my community group ladies in Midtown. Other than that, it was a homey weekend. we now have to creatively barricade the living room so C can play and not escape. In other words, welcome to life with babies on the go. Praise Jesus this week is going to be sloooooow. And by slow I mean dinner with my MIL, church meetings, church members coming over for dinner, play dates, and a date night. That's slow for us. I'm cleaning the house top to bottom since our last home study will be in the next few weeks. I've got so much organizing and redecorating to do. I'm currently at the rate of 1-2 DIY projects done a week. Whew. Oh and C's first birthday is fast approaching (read: crying myself to sleep) so I've got so much to do in preparation for that. We are thinking small and intimate despite having insanely huge families.

so that's today's post y'all. real show stopper, huh. If you're real lucky,  I'll post something of real interest later this week. but probably not, unless you count tips for cleaning with a baby or how to barricade your living room interesting... yeah, I didn't think so.

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bandofbrothers said...

i saw a tutorial for those shelves and asked my husband to make some for my bday. I LOVE THEM!

my last few weeks have been nonstop too...no fun for me!