Catching up & my new wall

Where do I even begin? For the past 9 days on this blog, the REAL series has taken over. For 9 days, 9 of my friends shared REAL life struggles and their testimonies. We discussed marriage, dating, singleness, contentment, suffering, depression, grace, grief, modesty, and blogging. The posts received numerous emails and comments of how the Lord moved, encouraged, and brought hope from their stories. I'm so so so grateful and humbled to know these women and to get to introduce them to you. If you didn't read any of them or missed a few, I H I G H L Y encourage you to click the tab at the top titled REAL series and read through them.

I started the series so that their stories and testimonies could encourage you. Turns out, they wrecked me. Although I already knew what they were going to share, the Lord still used it to completely break me. SO much sin in my life was revealed and conviction set in. The past 9 days were just constant conviction and repentance on my end. And I'm so thankful. It wasn't pleasant realizing some very real areas of sin and pride in my life. I didn't want to repent or recognize they were there, but the Lord is gracious and patient, and He lovingly lead me to repentance. So thankful for His love. I want to be more like Jesus, I just sometimes don't want to have to go through the repentance it takes to get there, but I know it's needed and I'm always thankful in the end.

I've got so many posts I need catching up on... like C's 10 month update. It came and went and now I'm all like "holy mess, he's almost 11 months!!!!!" sad face.

Today, I'm buried deep in adoption paper work and adoption errands. This is the part of the adoption process that is oh so very long and boring. Thankfully, we have our first round of Home Study Interviews tomorrow. So ready to feel like the ball is really rolling.

I'll leave you with a few pics of my new wall. It took me about four days to complete. I'm seriously in love with it. You can find the tutorial here. Yes, I 100% copied this idea. And I'm 100% okay with that. I came super close to doing it shades of white and gold, but last minute decided to stick with color plan of the tutorial. I wanted something bright and fun down my back hall way (it leads to the laundry room, the stairs, and the garage) I'm hoping the fun wall will inspire me to do more laundry... doubtful. The colors are more true in the tutorial photos, my crappy lighting doesn't do it justice. So much more rad in person. Total the project cost me 25 bucks. whoop!

I plan to hang some wire some how to showcase the kids art one day. But I'm sure by the time my kids are big enough to do art, the wall will be different. Such a true statement if you know me:)

Hoping you all have a lovely, Monday!


ashley addison said...

I enjoyed all of the posts this week. I am not one to read blogs through-out the week...mainly just when I update my own blog. I made sure to stop in everyday for this series. Man, what conviction, indeed. Thankful for God's disciplining and never-ending love!

Love that wall of yours. Awe.some!

Wanted to send you a link to an wonderful wire hanging thing for art. We have this one is our game room...

And two of these in Kate's play room...

Too bad you have to actually GO to Ikea to get one. :( The closest one is Atlanta. I thought I would go ahead and let you know about them incase you are near an Ikea in the near future. Happy art-ling hanging!

ashley addison said...

art-line (not ling!) oops!

{Jessica} said...

The REALseries was amazing - loved every single post! Thank you so much for sharing those with us Kate.

Very impressed by the wall. It looks amazing!

bandofbrothers said...

i love your wall, so inspired. i might copy too, lol.

i love your heart and that you can repent. there is one word that comes to mind when i think of you, and that is "repent" cuz you say that word a lot. simple word, but packs quite the punch.

Sarah44 said...

This is so awesomee! I love your new wall! This inspires me to one day paint my home some cool colours. Too bad I am renting for now :) But I can always dream.

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

LOVE! thanks for sharing, it's so cute@

Kendra Castillo said...

Love, love, love the wall!