DIY large print & adoption update at midnight.

it's currently almost midnight as my fingers stumble on this keyboard. For real, I've retyped that first sentence about twelve times. Husband is on his way home from a day trip with work & this girl can't sleep when he's not around.

I'd love to know how it's Wednesday already. If you asked me what I did Monday and Tuesday of this week, I'm not all that sure I could tell you. Last thing I remember, it was Sunday night after community group. Husband and I were discussing our busy, chaotic week ahead, and I was praising Jesus for an amazing night with some of my favorite people. Seriously, my church comm group is hands down one of the best things to ever happen to me. Rich community and accountability is honestly just... well... rich. I love discussing scripture with those people, sharing a meal, and carrying each other burderns during prayer time. There is nothing better. honestly. And that's the last thing I can recall about this week. I'm not even joking. I seriously don't know what I did Monday or Tuesday.

I vaguely remember drowning in adoption paperwork and books. While we are on the subject, an update if you will. We have our second home study meeting on Thursday, and then its just one more after that and we are done with the home study!! what? what? not sure how that's even possible. We only have NINE whole documents left to complete. That's out of 50 folks, so we are doing pretty great if I do say so myself. We only have a few more training videos to watch and books to read before we are cleared on those. After the home study comes waiting for approval, making our profile book, and a birth mother picking us. During all of that, I've got to transform our office/junk room into little boys nursery. It's required that he have his own room. Not going to lie, I'm super excited about this law seeing as that means I get to decorate another nursery:) We will be making our profile books (how the birth mom pics us) and our adoption video in the coming weeks. I can't wait to start those.  So that's where we are in the process. Things are moving pretty quickly. I'd say we are about 20 weeks preggo (if you wanna think of it that way) I'll spare you from reading about all the emotions and fears that are running through my mind at this time. Instead I'll just ask you to pray for his birth mom and me, specifically for our relationship. I so desperately can't wait to love on her.

 how about I almost finished this post without even explaining this DIY. I'm seriously slacking on all things blogging. I did this at some point this week. Remember my days are all running together. Google DIY large format print tutorial or something in those words and you'll find the tutorial. The whole project cost me a little under 20 bucks. It's literally just a large blueprint print (photo from when we went to the beach this past summer) from Kinkos and some foam board from Lowes. It's a temporary fix until I can get a family wall of images made once our new little man arrives, but I do love it. ignore the crappy iphone images. It's midnight, I'm exhausted, husband is headed for home, and I'm drowning myself in cheeze its and orange juice. A killer combination if you ask me. night night all. or good morning. whichever.


Jovita said...

Wow Katie, I am so excited for you and your family! I love your heart for adoption and I know that that little boy or girl is going to be so blessed to have you guys as parents! I can't wait to see how the rest of your story unfolds:)
Be blessed,

Natalie said...

Maybe you already mentioned it and I just missed it, but I am curious how you know that you're adopting a boy?
I can't wait to continue to follow you through the process. it's so exciting that you're this far already!! my little sister is adopted and I remember all of the work that goes into this phase so kudos to you guys for being this far already!!