Let's Get Real Here Y'all : Day One: Blogging and Jesus

Welcome to the REAL series. Well, welcome to the preface of the REAL series. (The first two posts for this series come from other girls ((outside of the original seven)) who I felt the Lord leading me to ask to be involved. Their topics were a little bit "different" for some reason in my head so I'm calling them "bonus" posts. haha. Just roll with it) I'm so excited about this mini short series happening for the next 9 days on this blog. The Lord has tremendously blessed me with 7 amazing women who have walked with me through rough seasons in my life. These women have all faced different struggles and battles in their life, but all have encouraged me with their faith and trust in the Lord. For a little bit more back ground on this series, you can read this post.

I really hope you join along for the entire series. There may be a day or two or 8 were the topic just doesn't apply to you or the Lord doesn't speak. I'm praying that just one day the Lord uses in your life or you find hope and encouragement when it just didn't seem to be there.

I've decided to start this series off with Nicole's post because it's honestly one of the main reasons I started this series. Her post has been my heart lately, but I knew the Lord was leading me to ask Nicole to write it out. I'm thankful because this girl nailed it on the head with her topic. Please take the 5 minutes (literally I timed myself and it didn't even take me that long to read this) and read this post in its entirety.

Please use the image to share on pinterest, email this to friends, instagram it, facebook it, or twitter it. Let's have a good ole social media revival right here through this series. All for His glory.

Y'all, I can't start this post without saying how thankful I am for our friend Katie and for her obedience to do what the Lord is calling her to do.  I am thankful for how she has listened to Him over the past several months and allowed Him to take over this place in order to move in the hearts of all those who read here.  I'm thankful for you, Katie, and for how you're allowing God to use this space for His glory.

Katie text me sometime last week to tell me about this series that she was starting.  She "broke the rules" a little by allowing me to post here since I'm not technically her "real life friend".  Thankfully, blogging has allowed me to really meet Katie in real life and we are "real life friends" now.  We just haven't been for long.  :)  When Katie text me she told me a little bit about her idea to have real women posting about real issues and real ways the Lord has been in their lives.  Throughout our conversation, I told her that I was taking a little bit of a blog break in order to really focus on some things that the Lord is doing in my life.  I talked about how I wanted to come back with a better sense of how God wants me to use my space and with a willingness to devote every post to Him.  As the Lord would have it... this is exactly what Katie wanted me to write about.  Her exact topic was, "Keeping a blog focused on Christ when the major temptation is sneakily making it about us."

Blogging is an interesting thing for Christians.  After all, it's my blog, right?  It's my space to talk about my life and my thoughts.

"...If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." Luke 9:23 (emphasis mine)

Deny ourselves.  We must do that daily if we want to follow after Christ.  DAILY.  Does anyone else feel the weight of that?  Does anyone else want to lay on the carpet beside your bed and wail because you fail to do that?  Do you feel the weight of sin as you think back on how many days that you've allowed self to indulge?  Do you recognize how many days you've failed to deny yourself?  My heart breaks.  I want to rock and cry and beg God to rid me of myself.  Sometimes I even have that conversation with God.  And then after a little while... self creeps back in.  Self sees the instagram likes and the blog comments and the bloglovin' followers.  And self thinks... "Wow, I've done pretty good.  What can I do to make self a little greater?"  Jesus, break me.

I want to tell you how I've mastered the art of allowing Christ to rule my heart and guide my blog.  I want to say, "hey, I've got it all figured out, watch me."  I wanted so badly to write here today and to tell you about how I've done it.  How I've allowed Christ to have His way.  How I've given Him all the glory.  How I've released control of my blog and allowed Jesus to wreck it.  Oh, but how selfishly I wanted to say that.  I sit here with tears because I'm still as sinful over this as I was last week.  I still struggle with it like I did yesterday.  I still feel the pride well up.  I still see the evidence.

I wanted to write this post for Katie and inspire all of you to do x, y, and z so that you too could devote your blogs to the Lord.  So that you too could do what I've done.  But, oh, how I haven't done it.  How it is a struggle.

Deny ourselves.  Daily.  Daily choose to give all 200 or 2,000 of those blog friends to Jesus.  Daily choose to allow those twitter favorites and instagram likes to be for Him.  Daily choose to answer emails joyfully and humbly because the Lord has given you the opportunity to speak truth and life into someone else's life.  Daily choose to show the raw parts of your heart because Jesus is there.  Daily choose to see the importance of a genuine post.  Daily choose to let go of the feeling that you have to post your outfit or your favorite recipe or the sweet thing you did for your husband just to put meaningless words out there.  Daily choose to write for Jesus.  Daily choose your words so that it reflects Him.

I've struggled with the idea that every post has to be about my relationship with Christ.  That every post should mention the name of Jesus in order for it to ultimately be about Jesus.  But, that's not true.  We can share our outfits and our recipes and our sweet date night ideas.  We can share those with Jesus at the center.  We can share those because we want to show how to dress modestly or feed your family good food or bless your husband.  We can choose to share our lives because Jesus is in our everyday lives.

The key to having a blog focused on Christ is by having a life focused on Christ.  

The more I find myself in Him, the more my blog will reflect that.  The more that I humble myself before the father the more that I will be humbled on my blog.  The more time that I spend praying over the words I choose to share the more that the Lord will use them for His glory and the more that I won't use them for mine.  The more I wrap my life around Jesus, the more that you will see it on my blog.  Through my conversations about puppies or marriage or vacation.  Because Jesus will be in those moments.

That's not easy.  I think that will require daily, if not hourly, prayers of submission.  Prayers that beg the Lord to humble me.  I must think about every single thing that I post and think about the motive behind it.  I must rid my blog, my twitter, and my instagram of things that I post to point to me.  Things that I post just to make self look good.  Maybe that means I have to stop posting for a week.  Maybe that means I don't post another picture on instagram for another 3 days.  Whatever it takes.  Whatever I need to do, I want to do it in order to have a social media presence that points to Jesus.  I don't want people to just read about Jesus, but I want people to experience Jesus because He's the one penning my words.  He's the one guiding my fingers across my Macbook.  He's the one that inspires my posts.  Not the greatest fashion blogger, mom blogger, or photography blogger.  Jesus.  Jesus is the one inspiring me.

I haven't reached it.  I haven't arrived.  I haven't fully mastered how to write a blog solely for Jesus.  But, I think this post gets me a little bit closer.  The rawness of my heart now has given me the opportunity to let Jesus into the places that pride has built it's towers.  I've given room for Jesus to rush in and shatter the towers of self that I've built.

Oh, I want that,  Jesus.  I want to find myself in You.  I want to point others straight to You.  Self isn't worthy.  Only You.


Mandy said...

This is beautiful. Very real and honest. Thank you.

I don't have a blog, but this was a good reminder to me to always seek Christ first and let go of self. And Christ is even in the little things like how I dress, how I take care of my family, etc.

I cannot wait to see the what the rest of this series has in store!

Brittany said...

As always, love both of your hearts. Thanks Katie for opening your blog for some real truth and thanks Nicole for sharing such words of wisdom!

Trisha Rummage said...

So timely for my heart. I just started a blog and it is so crazy how fast my heart can latch onto being PRIDEFUL. Love the series. Thanks for being transparent, ladies!

Courtney Kassner said...

Thank you so much for this! Encouraged by you both and looking forward to getting to know Nicole. This post came at the perfect time.

The Curious Critter said...

Truly cannot tell you how much this post spoke to me! I am working towards starting my career as a full time artist and I keep thinking about how I can to promote myself and blog with tons of pictures and click Instagram shots and keep my etsy on the front page. Hello!! God will make me succeed if that is His will for my life. I should try my best to glorify ,Him in my career, but must remember your sweet words of truth. This is all about Gods glory and not about me or my success.

Thank you for writing this!!

Natalie said...

This is amazing! Love that sweet Nicole ;) I've struggled with this a lot over the years that I've been blogging but this post was so encouraging. EVERY aspect of our lives needs to be devoted to Him and glorifying to Him!

bandofbrothers said...

i appreciate your words and the heart behind them.

i once turned off my blog comments for around 2 years, to make sure I was blogging for the right reasons. it was a sweet time, but such a personal decision...one I could not impose on anyone but myself:)

Sarah said...

Your series, Nicole's post, all the truth behind it....so good. I am very encouraged by this today. Thank you, God is using it in my life right now!

Gennean said...

Such a great post- thanks for writing this Nicole, and thank you for this series Katy! I'm excited to follow along :)

Miss ALK said...

Wow Nicole- this is POWERFUL stuff!! This was very interesting to read and you make so many great points!! I have been pondering some of those same things lately, I also want my social media habits to reflect my faith. :-)

xoxo Miss ALK

Michelle Elrod said...

Great post! New follower here and I'm loving this series! As a blogger I find myself slipping away from what my original desire was, which is to encourage moms to seek God first. Thank you for reminding me to stay focused on Him and for such honesty!