Let's Get Real Here Y'all: Day two: Modesty

Meet Alyssia. She's a blogger over at the inspired wardrobe. (I suggest following their instagram for fashion inspiration, and hair/make up tips). I've known this girl since high school but through social media have recently grown more connected... does that make sense? This girl's got the cutest, quirkiest style. She can rock things I could never dream of pulling off. I asked her today to write on a very touchy subject in today's culture. So many different opinions out there on Modesty. I personally believe in a very biblical mindset of Modesty, and I think the way Alyssia so s i m p l y defines it is beautiful. It's not a complicated thing when our hearts and spirit are in tune with the Lord's.  I'm thankful for girls out there who are giving examples of how to keep a biblical mindset on fashion and modesty, yet are able to wear the latest fashions because of their creativity.

Hey y'all, I'm so excited that Katie asked me to write a post for her Raw series. My name is Alyssia, I'm a newlywed to a full time touring musician and my life is c r a z y. I seriously love Katie's heart, her sweet and genuine spirit, and her love for others. She's the best, and even though we aren't super close, I consider her a huge influence in my life.

Katie wanted me to talk about Modesty. Yep, the M word. (Haha). This is a touchy subject for me, so I'll try to share my heart with y'all as gently as I can. I struggled through high school trying to decide what the religious rules were about something so personal and what my own personal convictions were about the subject. I came to one conclusion: to be in love with Jesus, every day.

This verse comes to mind: Matt 5:8 "Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God." So much of the focus when it comes to women & modesty//purity in the church is on the way we dress or act, instead of a state of mind- a renewing of our minds to become like a child & live in a state of purity of heart! When our attention & affection & focus is on God we get to see him, experience him, and encounter him in deeper & more intense ways! That's the blessing of allowing him to renew our minds to become more pure in heart! The blessing of seeing him & experiencing his kingdom!

Modesty is such a cool thing we experience as women when we let the Holy Spirit guide us in it daily. Honestly, I don't even think about my clothes anymore, because it comes naturally.

You see when you are in a relationship with Jesus, things like modesty will follow suit. You won't want to wear certain things, because your spirit won't agree with it.

 It wasn't until I saw Jesus as my sweet father and not a rule maker when that totally clicked for me.

Side note: (Kate wanted to include this because it often goes hand in hand with wanting to be fashionable)

Unfortunately, in college I started working out, a ton. I watched everything I ate like a complete psycho, and dropped fifteen pounds. I became obsessed with what I ate, if I worked out, and how much sugar I had eaten all week. One night, I had gotten so miserable with the battle in my head that had been going on for so long, that my sister prayed healing over my sickness. I'll never forget the way the Lord healed me that night; I was finally broken over my sin . I wanted to share that because I know so many girls struggle with the same battle with eating and weight. Jesus can heal you and free you, and you'll never ever feel so whole, loved, or beautiful. All of that to say, Jesus wants to fill our leaky hearts up, and patch all the holes. If we see God as our dad, how much more do we want to please him. The modesty and self worth will come from a overflowing relationship and love for Jesus. If you're married, like I am, I just want y'all to encourage young girls in what you wear and approach everything in love and how we dress to respect our husbands. I want my love to be so evident for Jesus and my husband just by the way I carry myself. Trust me, the fifteen year old girl out there just like I was is watching how we speak about these things and is ever so impressionable.

I work at a store called Free People and I'm a personal stylist. Obviously I love fashion, so so much. I want it to be evident that it's okay to have fun with new styles and if you feel like something's to short or showing to much skin, throw on a cute scarf or wear funky tights! There aren't any rules... seriously.

I'll finish with this: seek Jesus not rules and I promise it will all come so naturally. Modesty is so awesome and such a cool thing we can do to influence other amazing women around us.

I wanted to throw a couple of pictures in to give y'all some examples of some of my favorite outfits! Here they are:



I'm so thankful for how Alyssia made modesty so simple- It's founded in Christ. The problem with Modesty (or lack thereof) in our culture today is that it's all about self-glorification. When we get dressed in the morning, when we buy clothes, and even when we struggle with our bodies and weight, our mindset is so often "this will make me look so cute, people will love what I'm wearing, I need to be x,y, or z (skinnier, tanner, leaner) so that I can look the most beautiful, this outfit will be sure to grab a boys attention or get me hundreds of likes on instagram. Did you notice all the personal pronouns? This mindset, my friends, only leads to destructive thinking and selfish desires. It leads to a never ending cycle of hating your body and never feeling loved, satisfied, or beautiful. It leads you worrying more about what other girls or men will think about you rather than your husband or the Lord.

Instead, when modesty is found in Christ, you are freeeeeeed. You are freed from the approval of others because your approval comes from the Lord. Your clothing is no longer about glorifying self, but about glorifying the Lord. Yes this is a hard thing. It requires dying to yourself and your selfish desire everyday... even in the area of clothing. No, this does not mean you can't wear trendy items and be up to date in fashion. It just means that your sole purpose in getting dressed isn't to fulfill self glorification but to glorify the Lord.

I ask that when you put on clothes today or tomorrow that you ask yourself... whose approval am I seeking, the world's or the Lords?


Stasia said...

Already shared via social media to my friends... I love this series so far and I am praying that God continues to use it in amazing ways!!! :)

Nicole said...

I love how her message today is very similar to mine yesterday. It starts with having a heart wrapped around Jesus. SO thankful for these honest words. How I've needed to hear them!

Laurel said...

Loving this post! I think so many women try to follow a set of rules, instead of following Jesus! I love the simplicity of how she describes modesty, definitely something that I'll be sharing with others!

Kendra Castillo said...

Such a great reminder, thanks!

Courtney Ramsey said...

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of this! It is so to get bogged down with focusing on seeking approval in others when the only approval we should seek is His. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

xo, Courtney

Anna Peterson said...

It's so easy to get caught up in what's trendy and fashionable, that you forget about what really matters. I wish I could share this with every girl in the world!