the lies we all believe. Let's Get Real Here Y'all.

Car rides. They are my personal sanctuary. They are my long discussions. They are my times of prayer. They are my times of repentance. They are my times of fear. They are my times of letting go. They are my times of raw emotion. They are my times of worship.  I can remember very vivid times in my car where the Lord has dealt with me. With sin in my life. With struggles I'm going through. They are times I can remember where Josh and I have had some of our most deep conversations. I've come to highly appreciate the time alone I have in my car. Usually C is mumbling to himself in the back or snoozing the ride away. I've tried to make it a habit lately to use my car time as a prayer time, and really pray for my family, my church, my community group girls, and friends, etc. It's almost habit now, the second I get in the car and pulled out of my drive way, I'm praying. Index cards and notes on my phone keep me focused on what I need to pray about.

I've gotten off track here. Kinda. Yesterday, I headed to my childhood church for their Wednesday night service. Husband was in a meeting for our church and it just so happened that my childhood pastor had returned to preach at my old church. I haven't heard him preach in years, plus my mom is the church chief, so I'd be crazy to turn down a free meal by her. The sermon was one that I needed to hear. The Lord knew exactly what I needed to hear. I left feeling so encouraged and hopeful. Then the car ride home happened.

I spent the time home praying for a few people in my life who are struggling with some very real issues, and that's when the lies slowly started to seep in. I have this theory that satan uses the same lies to all of us to keep us from finding hope in Jesus. Lies that bring us down. That makes us doubt. That cause us to stumble. That once we believe and accept as truth only allow us to continue in our sin.

Apply these statements to your life or your current situation. I promise you that atleast one of them has gone through mind at some point before, during, or after a struggle or hard time.

1. I am alone. No one else understands what I'm going through.  My situation is different.
2. I can't be forgiven for what I've done.
3. Nothing will be the same for me as it was.
4. Since the first three are true, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.
5. If your single- No Godly man or woman is going to want me now.
6. If I leave or do what I want versus what the Lord wants things will get better and EASIER.
7. I will always struggle with this and never have freedom or victory over it.
8. I can fix this on my own. If I do or have x,y, or z, I will be happy.
9. There is no hope for me or whoever you are thinking of. This is permanent.

I caught myself believing one of those lies when I got to a red light. and I found myself thinking... you know Satan is right. In every single one of those lies I mentioned above, the focus is on "I". All of them include a personal pronoun. And that's the problem. We, ourselves, you, and I can not and will not ever be able to have peace or freedom from our struggles or sin on our own. So yes. In that sense, satan is right. But he's forgotten one little thing.


1. Jesus knows what you're going through.
2. Jesus became the sin you are dealing with on the cross. He has forgiven you.
3. You're right. Nothing will be the same now. It will be sweeter. The redemption and freedom in Christ is so sweet. He uses our difficult times to make us more like him, and to receive glory. He will take your times of struggle and allow you to use it to minister to others
4. You can keep doing what you're doing and continue to be miserable, or you can follow Jesus and experience freedom.
5. If they are truly a Godly person, there will be forgiveness and they will look past it. No one is perfect.
6. Yep, things my get easier to begin with. But give it a couple of months. Things will just get hard again. The road with Jesus is always narrow and He never promises it will be easier, but He does promise to walk with you. To guide you. To carry your burden.
7. You may be tempted in the future. But Jesus can give you the strength to resist temptation.
8. Good luck with that. My bet is you've already tried to fix things on your own and you haven't found the peace you are looking for. The peace you are searching for... can only be found in Jesus.
9. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. He gave life to dry bones. Nothing is permanent, and there is always hope in Jesus.

I found myself thinking in a true moment of weakness "i've prayed this so much and there's been no answer. Is He listening? Is He working?" It was in that moment I thought of that Shane and Shane video up above. There I was at a red light sobbing with C snoozing the night away in the back, asking Jesus to forgive my fleeting faith. Asking him to always help me realize when the lies of the enemy are what I'm chewing on. And begging him to move and remind the ones I love so dearly of the same truths He was reminding me of. Prayer can often become so callus when we've prayed the same thing over and over again, and Satan ever so smoothly slips those lies into our minds. Resist them. He's forgotten the refrain: Jesus Saves! pardon me while I scream... JESSSSUUUSSSS SAAAVVVVESSSS! whooowheeeeeeee HALLELUJAH HE REDEEMS. HE SETS FREE. HE IS ABLE! I may or may not have just stood up while typing and praised Jesus for his overwhelmingly good peace and joy.

He saves.

whoa my little faith. This song just wrecked me. totally wrecked me in every good way possible. Such a good reminder and encouragement.

This is for you dear friend. I love you and I beg that you stop marinating on the lies the enemy feeds and start searching for the truth that is found in Jesus. The peace and freedom that flow so sweetly from Him are absolutely attainable when we turn to Him and let Him be the Lord of our lives. If you're reading this and struggling and need someone to talk with, I'm here.

Weary, burdened wanderer
There is rest for thee
At the feet of Jesus
in His love, so free

Listen to His message
Words of life, forever blest
O, thou heavy laden
Come to Me, come and rest

There is freedom, taste and see
Hear the call, "Come to Me"
Run into His arms of grace
Your burden carried, He will take

Bring Him all thy burdens
All thy guilt, and sin
Mercy's door is open
Rise up and enter in

Jesus, there is waiting
patiently for thee
Hear Him gently calling,
"Come, Oh, Come to Me"

Don't believe those lies. Truth can be found in Jesus.

My night last night ended with an extra long cuddle session on the couch with that snoozing little boy praising Jesus for salvation and the truth that has set me free.


Jess said...

Kate, thank you. For this post, for all your posts that have encouraged me tremendously. Just when I feel like these things must be true of me, and no one understands, God uses someone (YOU!) to reveal truth to me, that HE understands and HE will sustain me and make me new through it. I am so thankful for your blog and your heart. I have had many conversations with my husband about how much the things you say encourage me.. so thank you.

mail4rosey said...

What a heartfelt, wonderful post. I'm visiting you today from Thumping Thursdays. Glad you linked up!

Courtney Kassner said...

Thank you for this. My husband and I could both use prayer as we are striving to fight away Satan's lies that start creeping in when least expected. I've found that I've needed a constant (daily...hourly) reminder of God's promises to us and the hope we have in Him. Thank you for being so encouraging.

Natalie said...

I was JUST thinking lie #1 earlier today! And I often do. NO ONE has ever experienced the exact burden I'm going through, etc. There's no way. THank you for this truth, sister! I'm thankful that I belong to a church who preaches truth and grace and I've learned to pretty easily distinguish lies from truth and when Satan is planting one, but of course I'm human and catch myself believing or thinking them sometimes. This is awesome!

Anna said...

At some time or another I've allowed every single one of those lies to enter my mind. But oh how sweet is Jesus' grace! I love having such casual prayer time like when you're driving down the road but its so easy to become too lax and lets these thoughts enter in. Such a great reminder! Thankful for your heart!

NobleBabyMama said...

"Though You Slay Me" has been on repeat for the past week. Such truth. Great encouragement.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness. I needed this post tonight. And I'm bookmarking it so I can read it again tomorrow.

That song by Shane and Shane is one of my most favorites. And, "He's forgotten the refrain" is one of THE best lines in musical history. EVER.

Thank you so much for sharing these words!

The Curious Critter said...

Loved this post. I actually attend the village church which is where you posted one of your tunes from. Small world of course!

Nicole Lauren said...

This was such a lovely post. I stumbled across your blog today and these words really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing this. <3

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love this so much. Incredible.

bandofbrothers said...

thanks for sharing. very encouraging thoughts. and yes, I've believed lies before...