To the Museum we go. or went, actually.

a few weeks back, C and I headed out with my MIL, SIL, and niece to a local museum, the Pink Palace. I grew up visiting this museum on school field trips and such. It was once a house (why you would ever sell this baby, I can't comprehend) and then was turned into a museum. It's filled with local history, children on field trips, Elvis memorabilia, traveling exhibits, and my personal favorite- an IMAX screen. Who doesn't want to watch sharks on a screen twelve times the size of most screens? pass the popcorn puhleazz! Thanks to their genius marketing scheme, we toured this baby for free. I would love to say that C had a grand time and he took in everything like a baby Einstein. But, I'd be lying.  He thought the dinos were scary, the stuffed animals were lame, and frankly just preferred to snack on veggie straws the whole time. There was one exhibit he found delight in. And by exhibit I mean the railing of an exhibit that he could pull up on. Thrilling stuff that rail. C and I both greatly enjoyed a day of exploring especially since his Mudgy, aunt, and cuz were tagging along. To say he loves them, would be an understatement. Pretty sure he thinks his Sydney hung the moon:) The free membership ends with the summer. We managed to visit just before the deadline. So in a way, this was a farewell to summer, a good bye party, a very reluctant good bye. Summer and Pink Palace, you were good to us.

^^and can we just end on discussing the logos and branding of the old days. They make me giddy and happy and want to eat Quaker Oats and animals crackers for every meal. Do ya hear that food/marketing companies? The key to win my consumption is a good logo.


Whitney said...

Don't ask me how I remembered this, maybe it was my Papaw who explained it to me. But the original owner who built the house also found Piggly Wiggly, and he later had to declare bankruptcy before the Great Depression hit. The house was actually left unfinished for many years and then was later made into a museum when the City of Memphis gained ownership. History lesson!! hahaha I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. :)

But otherwise, it looks like y'all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Baby C didn't necessarily enjoy it, but it looks like an awesome place! Makes me want to take a tour of the Castle right down the road from my house; I've never been!

Trish Harden said...

Holy cow! You are in Memphis?? I've been following your blog for a while and never realized that. I live near Memphis.

Jess Elyse said...

I love the Pink Palace museum! My Aunt used to take me there all the time when I was little. I always had so much fun. Haven't been there in ages, but would love to go back! I remember going through the little grocery store/country store with my little buggy and getting groceries. :) The Pink Palace and the Memphis Zoo take up many memories of my childhood. And the Pyramid when the circus would be there! :)