a theory on carousels

 I've got this theory about carousels. It's pretty much just that they are only the best, underrated amusement park ride ever, and that a little man lives inside them and just runs around in a circle to make them go. All they do is spin around, but man they do it with pride. Growing up, there was this massive carousel at Ridgeway Mall. And by massive, I mean like could easily hold up to 100 screaming kids & parents. It was gold and shiny and all things magical in my opinion. There was especially this one thingamajig that spun around & the faster you turned the wheel, the faster it spun. I was such a fan of that thingamajig that for my 13th birthday party, I simply wanted to take a group of girls to spin around in said thingamajig. It's never been a question if I've been a killer party thrower. You can see why. So, this past weekend, my parents and sisters family decided we'd spend the day at the zoo only the weather had other plans for us. The rain stirred us to Incredible Pizza & we made a day of it. Stuffed our faces with mediocre pizza and salad annnnnnnnnnd soft serve ice cream. We walked into the kiddie game area and there it was. The carousel. By the time we made it over to ride, C was having to force his little eyes to stay open. First spin around he was in shock of the lights, second spin around he had one finger in his mouth debating if this was "fun", third spin around the carousel sucked him in and that boy was in heaven. Safe to say, I've got an Evil Kenevil on my hands. He rode that joker a good three times. Last night in his sleep he kept chanting carousel, carousel, carousel!!! Okay, I might have made that last part up, but I'm pretty sure if he could talk, that would be his song for days. Friday was a good day.
 ^^Saturday we shot our adoption profile video. It was incredibly awkward, but our good friend is amazingly talented in all thing video and such. Can't wait to see it.
 ^^Great grandparents were in town. Burgers were consumed. And little boy was spoiled.
 ^^weekend went out with a bang. Coffee with little boy and a sweet friend, church, and community group. Just so thankful for the people I get to do life with. And the carousels I get to ride along the way. Okay, I know that was cheesy but just go with it.

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