Air Plant Wall DIY

I get in moods with DIY crafts. Either I'm in it or I'm not. As of lately, I've been in full "finish every craft you've ever wanted to do" mood. C's first birthday party is coming up so it's been good motivation to get some very needed things done around the house.

I love air plants and I've wanted to change my back wall up for a while now. There are so many ways you can hang air plants, but I needed something cheap and fast and c h e a p.

 I bought the air plants off ebay. Total I think I got them all for $20. You can get them for even cheaper, but I wanted a variety so that was a little more. I picked up some 12 gauge wire from Michaels. Using one of C's play balls (which is very small) I wrapped the wire around it as best I could. It won't be perfectly circular, but will instead look messy. That's the look I love. I then left a straight piece about 2 inches long left so that I could stick that part in the wall. I used a nail to make a hole, then stuck these guys on the wall randomly.

I love how it turned out and it only took me 10 mins. $24 bucks for the entire project. Score.


Cody Doll said...

That looks really really amazing. I am just wondering, do they need to hold water? or is it because they are air plants that you can just throw them up there.

Alyssa said...

This is such a good idea!!! and easy. I love easy projects like this.

NobleBabyMama said...

Oh I am so in love with this. Going on my list of "if we ever have a house and not an apartment". We dont have a big enough wall for this right now. So cute :)