so this momma right here didn't take a single picture of her son on her fancy pants last month. not a single one. curse you iphone and your darn convenience self. But that's all besides the point today. Well not really, totally the point of the photos but not the point of this post. keep up.

This little guy is going to be a year old in a few weeks. in. a. few. weeks. It's had me really trying to stop and remember the days of a newborn and infant. Some how, they are so hard to recall. Like it was just a few months ago and this momma can't even picture his small face sometimes. What the crap? Is it just me or is like a momma thing, cause it ain't cool. So these sessions of trying to remember what life was like with a 1 month old leave me going back to old archive posts of my blog. Which then lead me to thinking PRAISE THE LORD I BLOGGED!

Yesterday, a sweet friend kept C so I could get several errands done for his party. Read: I'm eternally grateful, and I got in and out of Walmart in record time. I spent over an hour walking around Target. Read: H e a v e n. We are celebrating his party next week (a full 5 days before his actual bday) so family can attend. So if you need me this week, I'll be stringing cheerios (it goes with his theme) and crying to myself while I browse old blog posts. Keep this momma in your prayers why don'tcha. Prepping for a new baby all while watching your little guy turn one apparently does a number on the emotions. Who knew? Now if you'll excuse this random blog post, I have to go tell my son why trying to put his finger in my computer outlet will only cause regret. kids these days.


Sarah44 said...

I love the way you edited the photos on this post!

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