Dining Room : Home Tour

I've finally finished decorating my entry way and dining room. These are the first two rooms you enter when coming into our home. I'd share before photos but it was just baaaaad. We had a dining table that wasn't our style, green walls, and a giant piano that I just never fell in love with. I can't even tell you how much this makeover cost because I sold things to pay for new items. Maybe 40 bucks out of pocket for the paint?Like I said, couldn't tell ya. I love how it turned out. I know I'll probably be making small changes here and there because if you know me, that's just what I do. BUT, the overall look is here to stay. I'd apologize for the crappy iphone pictures, but with a teething little boy (come on 8th tooth!!) I don't have time to edit photos because snuggling is required, not to mention on the birthday crafts to complete by this saturday. So quick, crappy iphone photos it is & I'm okay with that:)

 ^^I'm a sucker for maps & that big boy up there makes my knees go weak. This homeschooling momma is going to get sooooo much use out of it. & it looks pretty rad.

 ^^this is how my mid century modern credenza is decorated for now, but I'll probably be making lots of changes to this as time goes by.

World/USA Map: Ebay
Mid Century Modern Credenza: Craiglist
Butterfly print: Paper Source Cavallini Gift Wrap (I bought 5 other sheets in different prints. This stuff is amazing. Heavy duty paper. & only $3.95!! These are the other ones I bought: Skeleton & Muscle print for my office, Animals for C's room, Alphabet for new baby's room, USA map. 
Basket Planter: TJ Maxx
Table: Custom Made
Hair Pin Table Legs: Furious Endeavours. This guy was a DREAM to work with!!
Chairs: IKEA
Metal Clock: Target
Large Beach Print: See $20 DIY here
All other items are thrifted, I believe.

Things to do: swap out the gross light fixtures for pendant lights or something like this.... in my dreams!


Alyssa said...

That credenza!!!!!! I love it so much!!!! I want one to put our TV on :) I love the way you decorate, andddd I love that everything is affordable (seriously, this is a HUGE thing for me -- I hate that I sometimes fall in love with very expensive ideas hah)

Coco said...

I love your house, it's so whimsical and cozy!
With love,
Coco et La vie en rose
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Victoria Strader said...

Looks lovely! I love when spaces reflect our hearts and true style.. so fun and refreshing! I especially love that when people come into your home they are greeted by scripture. Perfect!

Kristin said...

Hi Katy!
I love your style! This is so nice! I was wondering, when you guys get ready to change out your lighting fixtures, I'll buy the old ones from you! I'd love one for my entry and one for my dining room! They'd be absolutely perfect! You can text me at 432-238-2409, my name is Kristin! Have a great day! :))