i come from

-i come from a childhood house with secret attic doors and wooden beams with my signature
-i come from a broken, selfish, dead life but redeemed by salvation through Jesus and God's grace
-i come from hot summer days stuck outside with just a Popsicle and at the time my 6 (now 8) siblings
-i come from 27 billion childhood spankings (they worked, and I really did need them)
-i come from a home center always. always on Jesus.
-i come from family vacations with 6 children and 1 gameboy
-i come from holidays spent at my uncle bobby's and aunt millie's with my 27 billion cousins
-i come from a home that burnt down in high school and family left homeless
-i come from car rides with my dad shouting acronym phrases.
-i come from family night dinners around the fire place
-i come from elementary school plays about ladies, and cooking, and spiders
-i come from G.A's and bible drill.
-i come from middle of the year transfers and absurdly large bubble vests worn on my first day. why?
-i come from Butter Cream Gang, Behind the Waterfall, Split Infinity, and Newsies. and proud of it.
-i come from katie f's home on a friday night and so many grilled cheese I puke.
-i come from punches from my sister for sneaking her clothes
-i come from stubborn little triplet brothers who never did what I demanded
-i come from aunts and uncles and cousins who all gather at nanny's on the holidays and walk up to the convince store for peanuts and slushies. 
-i come from my high school art class with my best friends accidentally burning flags
-i come from skipping 4th period senior year to meet up with husband then boyfriend
-i come from genuine friendships and discipleship that have pointed me to Jesus.

-i come from kenny and marion. the most proud thing i come from. they are the best parents. e v e r.


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

I love this - the pieces, little and big, that make you who you are. So cool that you've known your hubby since high school! And that you have triplet brothers - one was enough for me : ) And I love me some Newsies.

Allison said...

I have always, always wanted a house with a secret... anything. So, secret attic doors sound pretty great. Loved the Buttercream Gang and The Newsies. Actually, I just packed up my Newsies dvd (we're getting ready to move onto a boat) but now I'm really tempted to go dig it back out and watch it...

Sarah Fit-ABulous said...

I love this! Sounds like it could be a song :)

Claire said...

LOVE finding other blogger mommies! Love your site, officially bookmarked ;) Keep up the good work!


Victoria Strader said...

I loved stumbling upon your site today! I have almost been married a year, and I love reading blogs of Christian mothers. I feel like there is so much wisdom I can glean from ladies like you. You can find me creeping in the archives tonight. :) Ps Obsessed with the photo shoot where you're in the plaid dress. Hottie Mama! :)

NobleBabyMama said...

I did the bubble vests too.. why oh why??

Annmarie Swift said...

Love love love this! I totally just stalked your blog and LOVE it and your photography! :) Definitely a new follower!

Sarah44 said...

This is nice! I like this!