I'd be lying if I said...

I'd be lying if I said family night this weekend was a blast. The food truck grub was outstanding, the hike through the park was perfection, and we played on the play ground until time for bed.

Because truth of the matter is... it all flat out sucked. Food truck food was so disgusting I almost vomited. Shocker husbands stuffed hot dog was revolting also. Didn't see that one coming. The hike through the park almost crippled me due to an injured hip, and we arrived at the park just in time for one slide down the massive slide before they closed. lame.

The night ended with the three of us miserable and cranky. Mcdonald's drive through and some TiVo came to the rescue. Moral of the story, not all nights are going to go as planned, but just try to make the best of it anyways, and be thankful you even get family nights at all. I was so convicted the next morning of my attitude that night. Nothing went as planned, we hardly even had any fun, and poor C didn't even get a proper dinner. Wife and mom fail of the week. But, praise Jesus mercies are new each day, and the world doesn't end when things don't go our way. And praise Jesus we are all well enough and alive and T O G E T H E R that we can even have family nights, even if they will suck occasionally. On the bad, dumb, no good nights and when things just aren't going my way, I must choose Jesus and repent of my selfishness. And I didn't that night and it sucked. Lesson learned.

Oh, and never ever ever trust fish tacos from a hot, sweaty truck.

The end.


Meghan said...

food truck grub freaks me out.. eeekkk!!!! at least you tried it out :)

Shaina Jane said...

I love your adorable family. It is true we all take for granted the the things we have while we have them! But God is always forgiving :) and life is always good, no matter the circumstances. I love reading your blog, it is always a blessing :)

Ochi Bernadas said...

Hey Kate, I'm a new follower from the GFC hop. I love how subtle your photos are! Your little kiddo, C, is also super adorable! :)

I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


Rychelly said...

Stopping by from the Blog Hop! Love your blog! We did the whole food truck thing a few months ago and it was disgusting. We didnt even stay to eat thats how bad it was! Makes me leary to try those again!

Shelby Osmond said...

Its sooo true so many nights do not go the way you plan them!! but good for you for thinking of the positive!