I'm in denial. Big time.

 And because he is SO into this walker toy right now. He's also into eating it. or trying at least.


first off, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE. I'm some what infuriated that I'm currently writing your 11 month update. Seriously, I'm not ready for you to turn 1 years old. So so so not ready, and it's only a month away. Cue the brown bag because I'm hyperventilating. I just scrolled through your monthly update posts and it's like I'm reading about someone elses kid. I already can't remember so much about this past year. One of the many reasons I'm so glad I blog. Time is flying.

You are currently in one of my most favorite stages, but I say that with every new stage. You are becoming more and more independent. However, you want to be near us all the time. You are currently wearing size 3 diaper and 6-9/9-12 month clothing. You take two naps a day still and I love it. I'm going to try and switch you over to whole milk later this month so we will see how that goes. Otherwise, you are pretty much on the same schedule as last month.

New things this month:

-You started standing up on your own at the very beginning of this month.
-You started walking with your walker like 2 days after that. You might even have been technically 10 months when you started doing these two.
-Now you walk along the edge of things only holding on with one hand.
-You play pretty independently at home, you love old coke bottles and sliding them along the floor.
-You are learning so much cause and effect right now. It's so cute seeing your face figure something out
-You say uh oh alllllll the time. You're also really trying to mimic what we say and the sounds we make, you are nailing it most of the time.
-All you want in life it to push your walker toy around the house.
-You've become more shy to strangers and usually cling to whoever is holding you.
-You point at everything. During family worship, you point to the story book nonstop.
-You are hands down the best eater ever and eat pretty much everything I put in front of you. There not a single fruit or vegetable you won't eat.
-You make this little monkey sound and shape your lips and it melts my heart
-You also put your head down when you are in a fast and furious crawl and it melts my heart.

I love you so much sweet boy. I'm soaking this last month up like crazy. It's insane that I'm currently planning your first birthday party. It just seriously doesn't seem like it could be a year already. Hands down the best year of my life.

I love you sweet C.


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Hima Rajana said...

I love how you're documenting all of this right now! You're going to look back on it some day when he's 5 or 6 and these memories will be so precious. He's absolutely adorable!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts