probably one of my favorite posts ever.

So this past weekend after hitting up some dud yardsales with my mom, I brought C over to her house for breakfast. One cheerio lead to another which lead to talk about days when my little triplet brothers would eat and sing while in their high chairs to pulling out old family albums. Which then lead me to discovering that C does in fact look more like me right now than he does husband. I mean, It's scary how much we look alike in some of these photos.

talk a walk with me down memory lane why don'tcha.

&& in case you forgot what C looks like...

Nope... this isn't C. It's totally me but my goodness it could so be him.
 ^^I'm on the right. So looks like his little profile.
 ^^with my sister and cousin. Again, C LOOKS LIKE ME:) also Blair?... those shorts. why?
 ^^ oh you know the normal routine, throw your baby brothers in a suitcase, put on your childhood favorite dress and beg the mom to take your picture. Also, again, I see C in my face.
 ^^I just had to add this one to announce to the world that yes, my sister dressed up as grapes one year for Halloween. That is all.
 ^^And this one is thrown in because well I mean, look at them. so much cuteness.
 ^^ duh... underwear and boots. As you do.
 ^^ nope, not C. That's me.
 ^^Cute glasses Auds, and lindsay that blue bow is so happenin && i still totalllly see C in my face, and my little brothers always stole the show. those outfits. precious.
 ^^added in for the sheer fact that this was my first birthday party and C is about to turn one and I'm a hot mess. Give me cake.
 ^^I'm sorry but those pics are just precious. Also, Lindsay & Audrey, let's chill out with the foam rollers. Okay?
 ^^ and this has nothing to do with C, but is so hilarious if you know our Linny. I'm pretty sure I have a pic of her like this now and she's 26.
^^and I leave you with this because our squinty eyes and big cheeks are too much. && why aren't baby pools designed like this anymore? want.

you can chalk this post up to trying to convince husband C looks like me even though the whole world always say he looks like husband. Boom, roasted world.


Blaise said...

C totally looks like you! And although I don't know you or your family, I love all these old-school pics :) I always pull out the old photo albums when I'm at my Grandma's. Love them!


Shelby Osmond said...

Holy cow! He does look a ton like you! Such a charmer he will be!


Andrea said...

THIS is the Katie I remember! I love and miss your sweet family