Taking Stock

^^a FIL who owns a nursery is boss. my bad lighting because it's a rainy day iphone photos don't do them justice
saw this done on a few other blogs. Decided to add in a few more verbs.

Making : our house a little more homey
Cooking : with little boy & husband is the only way to go
Drinking : caramel apple cider from Starbucks. Ello Fall. You've been gone toooo long
Reading: book after book after book on adoption. It's my life.
Wanting: our gotcha day to be here already
Looking: out the window with C everyday. Watching Finn is never tiresome
Playing: with our walker toy. Round. Round. Round the living room we go.
Wasting: time sitting on the front porch with my little one in my lap watching cars and things alike drive by
Trusting: in Him & His perfect timing in all things.
Sewing: cheerios. You'll see.
Wishing: to see his face real soon. i miss him.
Enjoying: the company of my community group ladies. something about being held accountable and loved and not judged. It's enjoyable.
Waiting: all day every day for THE phone call. A baby waiting on the other end.
Liking: when C shakes his head back and forth real fast and then dies of giggles.
Wondering: who she is, where she is, and just everything about her. birth mom.
Loving: how lately husband wants to cuddle more. it's the little things.
Hoping: that I can start running soon. this back/hip injury. I'm over it.
Marveling: at every day spent at home with C. being his momma just never gets old.
Needing: a lifetime supply of Naan bread and hummus. It's like it was created for my taste buds alone.
Anticipating: our adoption video being completed. As awkward as I'll be, it means we are one step closer.
Contemplating: writing a blog post about choosing the world over Jesus. Too many friends and family seeking their own selfish wants. Heart breaking.
Smelling: cupcakes and cereal treats and chili cooking. someone's party is getting close:)
Wearing: work out close from the mornings failed run.
Following: little pitter patter sounds down the hallway
Noticing: the gray hairs on his head. Age is making him sexier.
Knowing: that the Lord will redeem. Will restore. Will provide strength.
Thinking: about twice the baby laundry to fold, twice the bags to carry, twice the car seats to maneuver. ready for twice. 
Praying: he comes home soon.
Bookmarking: all A Beautiful Mess projects.
Opening: presents this coming Saturday. can't believe it's almost here
Giggling: with excitement at the arrival of Walking Dead next month. Lame if you will, but I'm stoked.
Feeling: peaceful. Despite hard circumstances & unknown endings, there is peace in Jesus.


{Jessica} said...

Peace in Jesus, indeed! My hubby and I are facing some big unknowns right now, and our relationship with Jesus is literally the only way we can sleep at night with the anxiety of our future weighing down on us.

Hoping and praying that 'twice' happens for you soon, sweet girl! Can't wait to see your family expand:)

Sarah Fit-ABulous said...

Love this. Looking forward to reading about and seeing pictures of your new addition to your family...whenever it may be!