-my edition-

- organizing books by color, cause you know... it's the trend to do.
- the messy office where I spent last week decluttering and organizing. It just needs little brother now.
- remnants of C everywhere
- laundry for dayzzzz
- it sucked me in
- sneak peek of my new office. more to come

p.s it's nice to be back blogging. Taking last week off to get this house ready for our last home study and to soak up some time with C was soooo needed, but I missed this place.

-C's Edition-

-faucets & coat hangers for dayzzz


Sara Norton-Sanner said...

We just moved and organized our bookshelves by color at our new place!

Leslie Tally said...

I love the idea of organizing a bookshelf by color... why haven't I thought of that??? That may be a must-do for our bookshelf soon! :) Thanks!


Jess said...

I've never heard of organizing books by color. But, I really like this idea.

And Candy Crush has sucked me in as well. Addicted. No good. ha