A day well spent

We did whatever we pleased on the 3rd. It was C's birthday and anything sounded wonderful since it meant the three of us would be doing it together. Breakfast at a local favorite, the zoo, & then naps for everyone. Birthday naps are the most rested of all naps, in case you didn't know. We ended the day volunteering with our church at the food pantry. We couldn't have picked a better way to celebrate the first year of life with our little man.

Someone pass me a box of Kleenex. Today, the tears just aren't stopping. He's one. My baby is one.  And I feel the luckiest of all the luckiest to have them both in my life.

 ^^If you ever go to Brother Junipers. Order the Pacific Northwest. You can thank me later.
 ^^he can't get enough of these

oh, and a tip to all you momma's out there. Charge your camera batteries. Apparently that's a good thing to do on important days you want to document. Take it from a girl who had to rely on husband's iphone all day... you want that camera battery.

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