A mummy and his mummy

every year, our church helps with our towns Fall Festival. There's always thousands of people, fair food, games, chili cook off, old people singing. We always work the festival, but this year we did Trunk or Treat as well. Nothing more creepy than grown men asking if you want candy out of their trunk.. I kid, I kid. Actually, I think it's kinda a genius idea for churches & event like this! 

 I knew I wanted to dress C up, but buying a costume just wasn't in the questions.. $30 bucks for a few days wear.. no thank you. So, following my mother's tradition of always making our costume, I made C into a mummy. Total it cost me under ten bucks. I bought a yard of fabric from Walmart for 3 bucks, some tights, and sports tape. His costume looked way better before we left the house & when he would let me put his head wrap on.... but real life happened and the kid squirmed, and the fabric bunched together & he ripped the wrap off his head.

Alas, I still think he was one darn cute mummy...
 ^^I know, right? adorable.
 ^^C discovered suckers that day. we're in trouble.
I can't believe he's mine. And that I get to be his mummy.... see what I did there? lame, hilarious. I know:) 

And because it's funny...

Halloween post C... I mean, his tininess... slays me.

I hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For now, tonight's plans include staying at home, watching a scary movie, & passing out candy to the kids who braved the rain.  I just don't think C can make his little legs walk to all the houses. So pumped for that next year! 


Kate Kubler said...

yup, cannan make THE cutest mummy. :)

i also just finished watching your adoption story video. so inspiring. i also would love to adopt one day after marriage. my older brother is adopted. <3


Kate Kubler said...

Why you, as christian, celebrate Halloween? I'm curious a little bit :)

Kate Kubler said...

(note: scary/demonic costumes will not be allowed in our home, we just did a mummy this year because it was cheap & C is small, and it was just adorable. Our children will not be allowed to be scary things in the years to come. I know that's a bit contradictory for this year, but ahhh oh well:))

hey girl,

Let me first start off saying that we understand completely why many Christians do not celebrate Halloween. It's just not, however, our conviction. We would never celebrate the evil that it's attached too or dress up in the scary costumes. My parents are the most Godly people I've ever met & we celebrated Halloween. My parents made us aware of the evil behind it, but we instead chose to celebrate the season, candy, community, and costumes of it all.

We view Halloween as an excellent time to be missional, meet your neighbors, and get to know lost people in your community. Our church does a fall festival every year or a Trunk or Treat. It's a great way to meet people in the community, show them you are there & that you want to love on them & their families. Same with trick or treating. It's the only time of year neighbors will most likely come and knock on your door. What a great chance to get to know them, ask them where they live, or invite them to a cook out! We met soooo many of our neighbors this year that we did not previously know!

I could go on forever, but this article articulates what I'm trying to say much better. Our convictions could certainly change & I would never judge a fellow Christian for not participating.

I also want to note that we also acknowledge that it's also Reformation Day. C was too small to understand that this year, but we plan to really expound on that with our children in the future!

Kate Kubler said...

Thanks for your explanation :)

You know... Im christian in Europe and I'm very curious how it goes with faith in the countries where halloween is tradition. Here it's a little bit strange to "celebrate" death this way - we have own "festival" as tradition and it is "All Saints Day" but you know... all american things are more interesting for young people because a) it's american b) it's bigger show c) it's something new.

Greetings from Poland!
Your faithful reader :)

Kate Kubler said...

Whoa Poland? So fun! Culture is definitely key, if it was the same way here as it was there, we probably wouldn't celebrate it! So glad to have you here from poland!