Let me paint you a picture real quick. There's a 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23 year old me sitting right here at the computer reading story after story after story on adoption and how the Lord overwhelming blessed all different couples and provided for their needs. There my younger self was probably crying reading each one because adoption was so strongly a calling in my life, asking the Lord that when her time came, He would do the same for her. 

Fast forwarded to last week. I specifically asked the Lord for $2,000. I felt like this was really asking a lot of a blog giveaway, but I'm so often guilty of not asking the Lord for big things when He wants to bless us with BIG things if we will have the faith to believe He can do it. 

I had faith. I really had faith He would answer this prayer.

My friends, the time has come, and He did the same. And more. 

This week because of your love, support, generosity, and donations, we raised $2,410!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just can't quite figure out how to say thank you. Laying in bed last night with husband, we just marveled that God blessed us this much. We are so unworthy, undeserving, and sinful people. How great is our God that He still chooses to bless us? All glory to Him!!!! Some of you may think it was just coincidence that you found my blog, you watched the video, heart strings were tugged, so you donated what you could. 

No. It was the Lord. Not a coincidence. And I'm so thankful. 

Thank you to the family and friends who entered daily and pushed hard on social media. Thank you to the strangers who have never met me a day in their life but acted as if they were friends and family. Thank you to strangers and friends who gave $5 because it's literally all they could give. You are like the old woman with her small coins sacrificing to be obedient. Thank you to the strangers who donated well over $25. You don't know us, but you have blessed us greatly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ( I don't even know what that phrase even means but like i said, I'm struggling to get my amount of thankfulness out in words). My heart is overwhelmed.

I'm grateful, humbled, thankful and thankful some more. You have made an impact in our sons life. You have helped bring him home. My momma heart is just barely holding it together here. You have no idea what your donations have meant to us. 

Winners are announced on the giveaway post below on the RaffleCopter Entry Form, and were picked randomly by RaffleCopter. I will check their entries & email them shortly!! 

Thank you again EVERYONE!!!!


Kate Kubler said...

Wow, what an absolute blessing! God is so, so good. I found your blog through Bloom and I'm here to stay - I can't wait to see how this next chapter unfolds for your precious family. You are in my prayers xx

Kate Kubler said...

I am so happy for you guys! I was praying that it would be beyond what you could imagine.

Kate Kubler said...