C's First Birthday Party

I'll just go ahead and warn you that this entire week is dedicated to posts all about our C. Because in this home, we believe in birthday weeks. Amen.

We celebrated C's first birthday this past weekend. The day was filled with entirely too much prep, loads of baking & cooking, and ended overwhelmed and thankful for all the people who love our sweet C. I was pretty proud of myself for not tearing up the entire day. Probably because I had cake batter coming out of my ears, but mostly because his birthday isn't until later this week so I just keep telling myself that I still had a baby and not a one year old.

I don't plan to throw massive parties like this every year. I'm thinking more like every 5 years & all the in between years being focused on our family and that one child verses making sure I have enough food & what decorations will be the cutest. Just a thought for now. I wanted C's birthday to have some what of a theme, but he has no real interest so I decided to go with a "C" theme. Could you imagine the dud of a party if his name had started with a "Q"?
 ^Big C made out of foam core from Home Depot & Acrylic paint. Little C's made from card stock and paint.
^^ C is for Cherrios & Chain garland
 ^^Since it was "C" themed, everything started with a C. All the food, decorations, and games. I may have gone a little over board, but I LOVE how it turned out. Oh, and the colored gems are crayons from Target! I plan to use them for decor year round. Love them!
 ^^More of these photos later, my gosh the kid is a cutey:) Shirt found here
 ^^C is for coloring, crayons, and chalk
 ^^C is for cute babies!!!
 ^^C is for Corn hole & Chit Chat!

The night was seriously splendid, and the Lord blessed us with amazing weather. Thank you to all our friends and family who came, and even to those who didn't for loving our little guy.

Don't worry your little self, I'll be posting smashing cake pictures in the next few days because who doesn't want to see a messy, chocolate covered baby face:) Needless to say, he was alllll about some cake. I still can't believe he's turning one. This kid is the best.


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y'all really are the cutest family! and C is adorable!

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YAY! This looks so fun and happy!

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