Our Adoption Profile Film & Giveaway FundraiserS!!

I'm beside myself because today is f i n a l l y the day to launch this giveaway. It's like Christmas morning over here. Honestly. Just hand me a Christmas tree & you couldn't tell the difference. I've stressed too much over this giveaway and lost too much sleep. Fearing that not a soul would enter. That we wouldn't raise any money. That no one would share about the giveaway. That we would fail. & then I remembered, that whatever happens, fail or succeed, the Lord is in control. And I can rest assured that He will provide in whatever means He wants.

If you are new here or if you've been following along for a while, here's a quick film as to why this post is even happening. This is our adoption profile film, meaning, this is the film our birth mother will watch as an introduction to us. Totally nerve racking. We couldn't be more thankful to our film maker and friend, Evan Logan, for all the hard work and dedication he put into this film. He's the best of the best. No doubt.

So, husband and I are adopting. Obviously.
We know without a doubt that the Lord has called us to adopt domestically this time around.
Our home study was recently approved, so now we are just waiting for a birth mother to pick us. 
Our sweet little C is a big brother.
Cray to the Cray!

If I could have it my way, adoption would be free. But since no one is electing me president or the changer of adoption laws and such, I will gladly pay. No amount of money is too much to keep me from getting my baby.

BUT, we broke. I'm a SAHM and husband is a pastor. In case you didn't know, that means we gots zero moneys. I started panicking when the price of adoption showed its ugly face. Then the Lord silently reminded me that this is His will, so I can rest that He will provide. I started googling ideas on how to raise money. That's when I met McCall. This sweet lady "mentored" me on all things adoption fundraising and here we are. 

I've teamed up with some incredible blogs & Etsy shops in order to bring our son home. 

I'll let this image do the talking: 

^^share this image on Pinterest or your Blog. PLEASE!!

So, all you bloggers out there. This is HUGE. Like, I kinda wish this wasn't my giveaway so I could win all that ad space. Those ladies up there have over 50,000 readers combined. Think of all those people seeing YOUR ad button on the side of their blogs. EEK! That's big stuff. Your ad on TEN blogs NEXT month!!!! Blog changing stuff right there. Can we just give a round of applause to all these magnificent ladies for graciously donating to this giveaway?? Authentic sweethearts, they are! && if you don't read their blogs, you are totally missing out!

Check these ladies out:
Small Fry, Tales of Me&the Husband, The Wiegands, The Anderson Crew, Gloriously RuinedWalking in Memphis in High Heels, Hello Little Scout, The Chiffon Diary, Keep Calm & Carry On, & Bloom.
"But wait Kate," you say, "I totally don't have a blog. Shucks."

No fears my friend. I've thought of you, too! 

The Etsy Round Up giveaway is for all! Bloggers and Non-bloggers alike. This is an incredible chance to win all that loot for yourself, guys win for your lady, or even give it to your loved ones for Christmas!

Browse through these seriously AWESOME ETSY prizes & the shops they belong too! I love love love these shops & I know you will too!
You could win:
An Infinity Scarf, $50 credit to one of my favorite jewelry shops, your Christmas Cards this year, a 2014 geometric wall calendar, a seriously cute printable, a custom wired name bracelet, a custom embroidery hoop, a diaper envelope/cosmetic bag if you will, a custom kids t-shirt, 20 no crease hair bands,& a set of note cards

SO here's the rundown. 

for just a measly $5 bucks, you can enter yourself into either one or both giveaways. That's it! That 5 bucks will be given straight to our adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services.

After your donation of $5 (obviously we would accept more than $5 if you felt led to give it), you can earn other entries for sharing about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

I'm totally paraphrasing this next phrase from dear, sweet Mccall-

Five dollars can make a difference. 
Five dollars can work to change the life of one little boy. 
Five dollars can help bring our child home. 

So, Let's recap: 

for the bloggers out there: 
^^Please share this image on instagram or twitter

For anyone out there: 
^^please share this image on instagram or twitter

& ONE more time in case you're confused.
^^Please share this image on instagram or twitter

After donating $5, you can enter one or both giveaways! Two winners will be chosen on October 18th at midnight. 

(you only need to donate once, but you can come back the following days and enter again for sharing on social media)
You can then earn extra entries for sharing. 
I wish I could express in words what your donation means to me. To us. We are so overwhelmed already & just thankful you are even here reading. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating. For helping. For supporting. For bringing our son home. Every penny is cherished. 
Here's where you can make your donation:

If you can't see the entry forms below, scroll down to the next post, I added them there too just in case. Not sure why they aren't loading for some people:(
Grow you Blog Entry: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Etsy round up entry: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Winner chosen randomly at Midnight October 18th by Rafflecopter. 


If you wish to enter the giveaway without donating to our adoption, please email me at katie dot kubler at yahoo dot com.


Kate Kubler said...

Kate/Kuby - this is so amazing, I loved the video and will do all I can to help spread the word about your giveaway and adoption!

Kate Kubler said...

Your video brought me to tears! You can see God shine through you and your love for the Gospel and for Jesus is amazing and inspirational. If I were a birthmother, I would totally pick you two! I can't wait to see how your family is blessed through this!

Kate Kubler said...

Aye, I didn't mean to submit my entries for the blog giveaway, meant to do it for etsy! So please disregard those entries as I am not a regular blogger :) So sorry!

Kate Kubler said...

This video! Oh. My. Heart. Ya'll are so stinkin' adorable! I could not agree more, orphan care is a beautiful picture of the gospel. How precious that God allows us to be part of it. Can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for the months to come!

Kate Kubler said...

Best of luck!

Kate Kubler said...

oh my word! this is such a great giveaway. i'm going to share it on all my sites because i love love love adoption and want to support you in ANY way i can. big hugs to you my beautifui beautiful friend!


Kate Kubler said...

I just want to say what you are doing is amazing. You get to be a blessing for a child, and I am sure that you will be blessed in return. I'm pretty much a broke college student, but I really hope my small donation helps you make this adoption happen. (And if I won a cute prize that'd just be a plus!) It is so amazing to see people listening to God's voice even when it's not easy to accomplish. You are touching so many lives. The one of that special child as well as that of people like me who you don't even know but are an inspiration of faith for. Ya'll rock!!! (And sorry this was so long, but you guys really did touch my heart.)

Good Luck!!!

Kate Kubler said...

The video was so precious. I don't know how someone wouldn't pick you the moment they watch it.

Kate Kubler said...

I came across your fundraiser on Instagram. Love your video! I'm praying that this fundraiser exceeds your expectations. My husband and I just adopted our little guy domestically too, and it was so incredible to see how God provided! I'm excited to follow your journey and see the little one that God has for you!