So, he's one.

this happened yesterday, in case you were wondering. At least it feels like it happened yesterday. This momma brain can't come to terms with the fact that it has somehow been a year already since that night. Funny how your life can drastically change in about the 30 seconds is takes for the doctor to grab him and hand him to you. I mean, I have a one year old. Me. Kate. Has a one year old. Mind blowing.

 Being a mother this past year has taught me so many things. If I narrowed it down to the most important thing it's taught me, it's that I'm selfish. Motherhood is putting someone before yourself every single day because their life literally depends on it. His needs have to come before mine. It's the most humbling and convicting experience of my life and one that I will probably treasure the most.

Sweet C, this year has been one of the biggest joys of my life. To say you are such a good baby would be the understatement of the year. You learned at 2 months how to sleep through the night, you always adjusted to new schedules with ease, your stubborn yet so sensitive, and you giggle alllllllllll the time. Your dad and I laugh and say that you spoiled us. Dream baby is what you are. I CAN NOT wait to venture into toddlerhood with you. To hear you talk, say your first real words, and watch you take on this big ole world running. You bring tears to my eyes every time I think about how much of a blessing you are. I wish I could explain to everyone in adequate words how much being your mother is blessing. How much all babies are a blessing, and how much I love you. And my gosh, thinking about you becoming a big brother soon just makes the tears flow even more. I gotta stop this post somewhere because if not it will just turn into a too long post of me being mushy and gushy and sappy for days on end.

I love you, C. Happy Birthday:)

oh, and I suggest reading through the label "little boy" if you'd like to spend the rest of your day crying over how much he's grown. Praise Jesus I blogged it all.


Kate Kubler said...

How lovely. Happy birthday to your little boy! x

Kate Kubler said...

OMG that b&w photo of sweet little C smashing that huge piece of cake in his face is INSANE. Happy BIRTH-day to the both of you!!!

Eliza said...

It happens so fast! My baby just turned 19 months and I still any believe it. What a cute little guy you have!