the birthday week continues

The day of C's party, he threw a down right fit when it came to nap time. People were over helping me getting ready, and the poor little guy simply wanted to join in. A fit is putting it nicely too, trust me. With the lights off, I picked him up out of his crib and swaddled him in his blanky like the old days. We rocked in that rocking chair for what seemed like hours. Right before he decided to give it up and conk out, he stretched his arms as wide as his little rolls could extend, nearly strangled my neck with a hug, and under his breath said "momma". I nearly died in that moment, not because of the strangling as one may suppose, but really because the kid right then and there melted my heart to mush. I've always wondered when it was baby's realized they loved their mommas and needed them for more than just the round the clock nursing session. I guess I'll never know really, but I promise you, him saying momma that way and at that time sounded a lot like I love you to me. I held myself together as to not just break down in a hysterical crying session, laid him down, kissed him, and left him to slumber.

that kid, he's going to pull my heart strings to shreds.

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Kate Kubler said...

Oh SUCH a doll. Happy birthday handsome baby!