totally stereotyping

some things need to be stereotyped. It's a must. Like perfect 60 degree weather straight up begs to be stereotyped into the perfect fall day. & of course, we obliged. Pumpkins, Hay rides, gourds... anything you usually stereotype with the fall was included. We didn't do a single "fall" thing last year since C was, oh you know, two weeks old. But this year, this year, we are doing it all. We met up with some friends and my sisters family at a farm a few towns over. Groupon being its splendid self gave us a massive discount to the days activities. We spent several hours just talking and letting the kiddos run around, basically doing nothing. Doing nothing at all is sometimes the best doing something, at least in my opinion. You know, you are out doing something, but it's really nothing too grand but seems grand because you are there doing nothing with all your favorite people. And that's pretty much what we did while we were there. nothing. well except the hay ride & pumpkin picking & talking. Which are all really somethings but when done with friends and not given much thought just feels like you're enjoying doing nothing. It all makes sense in my head at least. reread if you must.

I hope you all stereotype the mess out of fall. It's basically begging you to.


Kate Kubler said...

how fun! last year was a weird year for us and i feel like we really missed out on a lot of stereotypical things.

but this year, its pumpkin EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

Kate Kubler said...

Your little boy is getting to be big boy! Lovely day as a family and perfect memories for you!

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Kate Kubler said...

three cheers for pumpkins! ;)