If you came over for coffee this week

If you came over for coffee this week, you'd learn something to be true. My umph for blogging just hasn't been in me lately. You've probably noticed it, I've for sure noticed it, and for anyone out there who comes here for inspiration or what have you. To you, I say sorry. I always want the foundation of my blog to be documentation of our lives for my kids, and lately I've just been so busy with my photography business that there's really been nothing worth documenting. Family time is spent cuddled in the living room reading books upon books to C. He's in this ever so heart melting, adorable stage of walking a book of his choosing to you & plopping right down in your lap as if there's nothing else you could possibly need to do but read him that book at least ten times. And he's right, it's the only thing we need to do at that moment.

so unless you want post after post of this image...  

And if you came over for coffee this week, I would most assuredly walk you to my favorite spot in our entire neighborhood. This abandoned lake is breathtaking in the fall. I never see a soul sitting on its makeshift deck. Never a single family walking the trail around it. & not even a single stray dog dipping for a swim. What is wrong with people? This morning I did something I never do during my runs. I stopped. I ran past here, felt its tug to slow down and enjoy the view, so I did. It was goose bump cold & the wind was beating my ponytail against my face, but the eery peacefulness was just too soothing to leave. car after car went whizzing by on their mourning rush several yards behind me. We're often in such a hurry we miss stuff like this. I'd have to take you here.
sitting here this morning my thoughts trickled back to last nights family worship with C. Josh was gone to a meeting so it was just C, my lap, and our devotional. The story we read cut to my core & was j u s t what I needed to hear. If you came over for coffee, I'd read you the passage.
"Nagging God" 

Is it okay to nag God? And pester him? 

God says we MUST!

God tells us to give Him no rest, to remind Him of what He has done and what He says He will do, not to stop until He answers. 

God loves it when we ask Him for great things! Because He is a King--and Kings love to do marvelous, powerful things. 

"Thou are coming to a King,
Large petitions with thee bring;
For His grace and power are such, 
None can ever ask to much..."
-John Newton

"Take no rest, all you who pray to the Lord. Give the Lord no rest." 
Isaiah 62: 6-7

Thoughts to Make Your heart Sing : Sally Lloyd-Jones

This (seriously incredible you must buy for your kids, like right now) child's devotional brought me great encouragement. It's okay to keep begging the Lord for our son to arrive soon. It's okay to pray the same prayer what seems like 9 million times for the lost loved ones to find their way to Him. It's okay to relentlessly ask the Lord to redeem or to answer an unspoken prayer or to fulfill a desire or to send us something or to provide something or to allow us to bear children or to heal the grief we carry or to help us conquer sin or anything at all. Whatever it is you are continuously asking & you feel as if it's a nag. It's not. It's okay. It's more than okay. It's needed. He encourages it. He wants us to ask Him over and over and over until He answers. Because in the silence and in the wait, He is molding. He is moving & When He answers whether it's with a yes or it's with a no. He is glorified. I'm thankful I can not nag my God. 

If you came over for coffee this week, you'd see me sitting here at this computer or driving to my next session. You'd see C being just about as cute as one human can possibly be. You'd see his short stubby legs walking e v e r y w h e r e.  You'd see him grab book after book to read. You'd see him sneak cheerios or whatever is on his tray & place it behind his tiny frame so that Finn can devour his leftovers. You'd see wild curly hair that's currently always flat on his right side because he's learned the art of brushing his hair. You'd see my living covered in trails of cars & trucks all upside down because that's how he likes to scute them. And you'd see us. All three of us, sitting on the floor reading The Nose Book until we can't take the rhyming anymore.

So if you came over for coffee this week, this is all I would share. These days as a family of three, I'll take them.


Kate Kubler said...

love. love love love love.

Kate Kubler said...

Thank you so much for sharing "nagging God" I've never thought of that. And it's biblical too! I'm always learning new things about Him. What a Mighty King we serve!

Kate Kubler said...

I love this post! :) Millie Janalee is doing the same thing, and I pray I am soaking up each minute as much as I can. Now that I see how busy you've been, I want to make sure you got my email about your adoption testimony next week. Have a great week!

Kate Kubler said...

What children's book? Sound divine!