She Said Yes : my brother's proposal


One of my triplet brothers proposed a few weekends back... gosh, saying that still seems so crazy. To me, he's still that little boy with only underwear and boots on running around with a toy gun chasing his brothers. I love this kid. My little brothers mean the absolute world to me. I'm three years older and was always trying to be their momma. Although they never listened, I still feel like a momma bear to them. I've been praying for their future wives since I was 12. Women who will fit right into our family, love my brothers, encourage them, support them, and shine Jesus. When Ricky brought Alyssa over to a family Christmas event a little over three years ago, I'll admit, I was skeptical. Because, that's the job of the sister. No girl is good enough for my little brother, we say. Until there is that girl who your brother isn't good enough for because she's like ten levels of awesomeness. You know, she's like waaayyy out of his league and then somehow he charms her into dating him. That's Alyssa. She's the way out of his league girl. And we couldn't be more excited for their wedding.

He proposed at Starbucks (where they went on their very first date). She didn't even know he had a ring (which he picked out by himself and it's ballllerrrr). Everyone got there before her and helped him set up. I'm telling you that wait was the worst. So. much. anxiety.

All of her (and his) friends and family were stuffed into the two bathrooms. I waited out back with Ricky & then we both sneaked in when she wasn't looking.  Once she saw Ricky & they sat down, everyone came out of the bathrooms. Needless to say, she totally didn't see this coming & every thing went off without a hitch.
 ^^ I mean, presious

June 14th can't come soon enough. Can't wait to have a 3rd sister!!


Kate Kubler said...

this is precious! How creative was he!

Kate Kubler said...

This is such a beautiful proposal! Congratulations to the happy couple :) And how great to capture it all in pictures!


Kate Kubler said...

ahh nothing better than Starbucks and a sparkly ring ;) Congrats

Kate Kubler said...

I absolutely LOVE this and that you were able to capture such a sweet moment!! :)