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I'm thankful I can use my blog as an avenue to get the word out for others who are actively pursuing obedience to the Lord and His call on their lives. I pray that as you read this post, you would prayerfully consider what you could do to help these causes. I know for myself, in the past, I have passed up on an opportunity to help or support because at the end of the day I was just too selfish or too lazy. I made excuses of what else my 5 bucks could be used for and missed an opportunity to serve and support. There are countless of articles or post or videos watched where I've read or watched and thought "oh, go them" but then never asked myself "how can I help them go?"

What if we, the church, stopped thinking "oh go them" or "wow, the Lord is using them"  and started thinking "OHH how can I help them go" or "what could I do" or even "yes, I can sacrifice a little in order to help them alot". That doesn't always mean giving financially. Sometimes that means sharing, spreading the word, or praying consistently.

Seriously, what if all of the church nation and worldwide started thinking that way. We read and read and read a lot of really good stories. You know, the ones everyone share's on Fb. We see cool videos floating around. We hear the cry for help. And yet so often, after we finish watching that video, or reading that article, or seeing the need we just think "oh that's cool, good for them for taking action" and then we go about our day and we miss out on being apart of something bigger.

Today, I'm asking you to prayerfully consider taking action. Today, I want to give you the opportunity to perhaps think and respond differently.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Cassandra. She informed me she was an avid reader of my blog, and her and her husband were called to plant a church in Amsterdam. AMSTERDAM. ummm, hello can I visit? Now let me just interrupt this story real quick. Husband and I are apart of a church plant. We planted a little over 3 years ago. We started out in a skating rink and just a little under 50 members. We've since grown & moved locations. I know first hand the struggle, obstacles, joy, and grace experienced when planting a church. We planted local, they are planting half way around the world. My heart was immediately turned to Cassandra and her husbands journey & obedience to the Lord.

Refluent from Chris Kuykendall on Vimeo.

She simply emailed to say she was sending some of her husbands posters and thank you cards. I knew I was being called to share their story & promote it on my blog. Church planting is a major part of my life. They need a lot a lot a lot of help. Here's where you come in. Go to his etsy, buy his stuff. That easy. All funds go to them starting this church & their move to Amsterdam. Not to mention it comes in the most prettiest packaging & is made with the utmost quality. Seriously, I was blown away.

"Ultimately, my family and I feel called to love and serve the city of Amsterdam. We quit our jobs, sold our house, and have put everything on the line for this cause. I don’t say that to impress you, rather I hope you see that we’re convinced that Jesus is worth everything we have. This print initiative is our way of generating the funds it takes to live in Amsterdam. It is also our hope, that someone would see one of our print pieces on your wall, or in their mailbox, and put more thought into what the Bible actually reveals about God, Jesus, Christians, and the Church. Simply put, your purchase directly helps our family do what we feel God has led us to do. We can’t express the gratitude we feel toward our customers" - Chris (designer & Cassandras Husband)

This isn't just a poster you're buying, this is being apart of something much bigger. This is being apart of what the Lord is going to do in Amsterdam. You can be apart of it. Here's their Etsy & here is were you can read more about Chris (the husband&designer) & here is where you can take an even bigger step & learn more about what they are doing.

Nope, this post is totally not over. I have one more thing to share with you. One that's very close to my heart. Sow & Tether.

Ever heard of them? I hope so, but maybe not. But these guys are a big part of our lives. I mentioned up above that we planted a church. Husband used to be the worship leader, and has recently moved into the associate pastor position. Before that transition, these guys faithfully served under josh & since the transition, they lead. Throughout the three years we've been a church, these guys have sacrificially served and lead the people of our church through Sunday morning worship, set up, tear down, and community group leading. We've watched them play camp after camp & lead youth at other churches on Wednesday nights & I can honestly say I've never heard them complain. They love serving through worship. We've watched them grow, mature, and serve their guts out. These are men who truly love Jesus and whose desire is to make him known. I was ELATED when husband told me they would be putting ouy their first EP, because to be honest, they are incredible. And they don't do this for them. Trust me, I know them. They do it all for the Glory of the Lord.

They need help raising funds to get this thing into the public's hands. I get to hear them every Sunday, and I promise you, you are going to want their CD. I'm urging you to take a moment and read their BIO & support them here and like them on FB for updates on when the EP will be available. And sorry ladies, they are all taken.  

Neither Cassandra or Sow&Tether asked me to write this today. This is not sponsored. This is just me sharing so that YOU can be apart of something big. So there.  I've informed. You've read. Will you join me in thinking "Yes! I can sacrifice a little in order to help them a lot".


Kate Kubler said...

So encouraged by their eagerness to answer the call. I also write a blog and would LOVE to promote their Etsy shop and mission. Feel free to pass on my link to Chris and Cassandra! www.beautifulxchange.blogspot.com!

Kate Kubler said...

Let me make sure I'm understanding you.... I am not buying something you are promoting so I'm selfish and lazy?

Kate Kubler said...


I really hate that this is what you took away from this post, I'm sorry. My heart here was to pass along the urgency that is needed for these two amazing causes, not to guilt someone into giving. That statement you are referring too was geared more towards an overall attitude people may have when it comes to reading post like this or seeing an article on FB. We often think about helping but then come up with excuses not too... and when we do that, it is lazy or selfish. Not trying to be harsh, that's just what the underlying sin is most times. Often times I'll think... well I need that money I was going to donate for x, y or z (not good enough reasons to hold on to the money like starbucks or a new shirt) or I'm too busy right now but maybe I'll donate or support later and then I never do it. I certainly understand that they are real reasons why someone couldn't give or help & that some people really simply don't have the extra money to do so, and that's completely understandable. And in that case, they aren't lazy or selfish. we can't all give, but we can all support. (by we I mean Christians). But even so, they could at least help spread the word or do blog post or "share" that interesting article. This post was simply a call to action. I'm not directly calling any particular person lazy or selfish, and even if you didn't buy something or help one of these causes, you wouldn't be lazy or selfish if your reasons for not doing so aren't. Again, that was meant towards the overall attitude we can some times have. I wanted us all, even myself, to take a step back and evaluate why we aren't helping something or sharing... what's the real underlying reason? It hearts my heart that's all you took away from this post and I sincerely apologize if you were offended. I will rephrase the first paragraph so that I was more clear.