2013 Annual Ginger Bread House Competition- WALKING DEAD

Nothing says Christmas quite like the Walking Dead, no? You see, my family is a big fan of the show. We love us some zombies. So, of course, for this year's annual Ginger Bread Competition, we just had to do a Walking Dead theme. We did boys vs. girls (even though there were like 8 guys and only 4 girls) Anyways, in year's past the rule was that everything had to be edible. Well, we forgot to mention that this year, and the guys... well you'll see.

Girls: Hershel's Barn complete with his house, the RV, tents, and zombies. Notice the Barn is full of Zombies. Daryl has a bow. Rick and Hershel were also there. And Shane is laying dead because you know, Carl shot him. Also, everrrryyything was edible.

 We used 2 different colors of gum, hot sauce, dyed coconut, gingerbread men, graham crackers for the RV, and fruit roll up and pretzels for the tent.

Boys: hardly anything was edible:) I kid. I kid. But they did use a ton of non-edible items. BUT, since we didn't specify, they technically didn't cheat.  They did Woodberry. The entire town. Notice the water tank, the barricade with toothpicks sticking out. Turned over cars. Lego men. Just notice everything because it was amazing. And of course, they won.
 And just in case it wasn't realistic enough, they made my little brothers dress up as zombies, lit the fire started rocks on fire, and had the theme song playing in the background when the judge came over. It was amazing to say the least.

 I'll be over here at some point today or tomorrow sharing our houses from years past. It's like every year they get more and more ridiculous. You're going to want to check them out. Go ahead and pull the page up & just come back & refresh it later.

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Kate Kubler said...

These are too awesome!!! Now I can't wait for new episodes ;-)