Christmas Vomit & Film

Here it is. The annual Christmas Vomit post which consist of photos of our... what for it... Christmas. This year I did a real lame job at photographing our Christmas Eve & Day, for some reason, I just didn't pick up my camera that much, and whenever I did, I paid zero attention to the settings and just snapped away. Don't ask me why I did this, I have no explanation other than I simply was enjoying Christmas and was more in the moment than I was worried about capturing it. Which I think is a perfect excuse. So if you're coming here for a beautifully photographed Christmas festive post, move on friend. This ain't it. But I love the people in these photos, so I love the photos. Even if they are pretty bad. And I don't know why in the w o r l d they are all so dang pixely.

But onward we go. Christmas Eve morning with Josh's dad's family.

Christmas Eve with his mom, sister, and brother (via Skype bc he lives in New Zeland.... have I mentioned we are going there next Christmas??... cause we are. and it shall be AMAZING, and I'll do a way way way better job of capturing that Christmas. That's for sure)

Christmas Day morning. Just the three of us. My favorite

Christmas Eve afternoon and night with my family

These seven people. All my siblings. All my favorite. They are the reason I want a whole bushel of children. Because growing up in the middle of them has been one of my most favorite things of this whole thing called life. Two older sisters to look up too & steal clothes from, Three younger triplet brothers to boss around, and two twin brothers to baby and pick on. It's been grand.

I told you I paid zero attention to settings, so introducing some real bad quality pictures of my sisters, and my soon to be sister in May, and my momma.

Thus concludes the bad photo section of this Christmas Vomit post, on to the bad quality & lighting video of this post.

This was all from Christmas day. Just some of C being cute, madness at my parents house, our winnings from Dirty Santa (a new tradition we added after opening gifts, a so fun!) and a special appearance by Troy (the Red power ranger). Again, I completely forgot to set my white balance so you'll have to endure some pretty bad lighting. But over here, I don't even care. I'm just thankful I even thought to grab some quick footage of our day.

Christmas Vomit Post Over And Out.

Oh, if you'd like to see some much prettier photos you can head over here! I'm finally able to post photos from our Adoption Fundraiser Photo Sessions back in November now that Christmas is over, and these families are killing me with cuteness.

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Kate Kubler said...

If only my bad photography looked like your bad photography. Do you know what bad photography is?? :) Such sweet memories!