I should win a cookie or something for introducing you to the best stocking stuffer idea since the invention of stocking stuffers

I don't know about you, but stocking stuffers kill me. Picture me, standing there in Walgreens, in the candy aisle, contemplating the right dosage of chocolate and sour to fill up husbands (and next year C's) stocking. I always like putting small wrapped presents down in the stocking, but I always have the h a r d e s t time coming up with good stocking stuffer ideas. I mean, I can only do socks so much.

Anybody out there with me? We can make a club-Stocking Stuffers Anonymous. Meet on Tuesdays.

 If you're anything like me when it comes to filling those stockings with goodies, then keeeeeeep reading because I came up with a genius idea!

For my family, the Christmas season is all about the coming of Christ. The hope we can find in Him because of His birth, His Death, His resurrection, and His coming again. He gives us hope. So why not pass on that hope to someone who needs it. Do you see where I'm going here? You should, because it's way obvious.

Instead of filling the stocking with a flashlight, or finger nail polish, or a cheap toy from the dollar aisle in Target, why not give the gift of hope to someone in honor of your child or husband. Every year,  you could pick a charity or non-profit to donate to in honor of your loved one. Print out a sweet little message, roll it up with ribbon, and stick it down in that stocking. What an insanely great way to teach your children what Christmas is all about and the art of giving to those in need. Such a heart filled tradition! I'm kinda thinking I should win a cookie for coming up with this idea. It's genius, no?

This year why not make that cause Shiloh Shelter. You can read all about it on my friend Nicole's blog. You can help give hope to countless young women, girls, and babies in India this Christmas Season.

Stocking Stuffers this year, NAILED IT! Let's give hope. Go visit and read all about Shiloh Shelter.

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Kate Kubler said...

you are so cute! YOU SHOUL win a cookie ;)