on failing at gifts, adoption, and drooly beads

so funny story, yesterday, for like 3 hours, I researched the crap out of husband's christmas present. But upon realizing we don't have the extra money right now, I decided to wait and just get it for his birthday in Feb. Y'all, I searched for it high and low and found the best deal. I even made husband go into our room with the door shut so I could measure his laptop and current computer bag. You see, husband has a cheap messenger bag. He is also the hardest person in the world to shop for. You think I'm just exaggerating there, but I assure you, I am not. He just wants amazon gift cards all the day long. I finally thought of something he really needed. I even bragged all night about how I was finally going to break my bad gift giving reputation oh shoes.  Yeah, I totally give him shoes every year. It's my default gift.

Then, this morning happened. Husband logged into OUR JOINT AMAZON account and immediately saw his gift in the cart. Hi, my name is idiot. We share a joint amazon account. So that was fun. OH, and husband hid one of my Christmas presents and now can't find it anywhere. I would say it's funny if it wasn't my gift that he lost. #wearenailingchristmasthisyear

So I thought I'd update y'all on our adoption process. A big fat nothing has happened.
still w a i t i n g.

and here are a few photos of C playing in our christmas tree garland bc you know, I can't seem to blog without a few pictures of him thrown in for good measure.
Take us out, C.


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