pass the kleenex : 2013 recap.

Warning: this post is entirely too long. It's a "read when you can't fall asleep", "husband is watching basketball and you're bored, "or driving in the car for too long" type of long post. I certainly understand if you stop reading right now and come back to it later. But please come back:) I wanted this all in one post for my own sake.

The tears continually flowed as I put this post together. And I'm not even exaggerating. This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life. 95% of the year was spent on my knees begging the Lord to move. I prayed constantly. It wasn't even a goal I set at the beginning of the year, but 2013 was a year I prayed more consistently than I ever had in my entire life. I daily, continually, non stop prayed. Hours upon hours I would talk to the Lord and beg for redemption. In one sense, I felt the Lord so near and in another sense He felt so far. Spiritual warfare consumed my daily life and I fought. I rarely blogged about it. It was personal. You can see bits and pieces of it scattered throughout some posts, but it happened. And then, the Lord moved. He answered the prayers I prayed for 11 months straight. And in November, I experienced what I believe to be a miracle. I serve a Mighty God.

2013 consisted of home videos, staying home with C, home make overs, fun vacations, a miscarriage, the start of our adoption journey, bumps in our adoption journey, new hair, running, and new friendships. I'm breaking it down month by month with my favorite posts. Click the links below each image to see more from that post.

Okay, grab a cup of coffee, adjust your pillow just right, or get cozy on the couch, this may take a while.


 oh. my. goodness. I had a THREE MONTH OLD. LOOK AT HIM. I'M DYING. HE WAS SO LITTLE. And if you're asking yourself if the all caps was necessary, yes, yes it was. Because I mean. HE WAS 3 MONTHS OLD!

I wrote this post and it got over 70,000 hits in one year from pinterest. 70,000 and still going strong. Are you kidding me???? 

A whole bunch of pics of C in an owl hat because DUH. And writing a little bit about one of the darkest times in my life.

I had "coffee" with a sweet friend in one of my first posts for "if you came over for coffee" series. Also, why didn't anyone tell me how horribly bad my shelves were styled? Thanks people.

Other posts from January I loved:
Why I go without
Coloring my hair for the FIRST time
running off four hours of sleep


An entire blog post (and video) dedicated to C eating food for the first time because I know just how much people love seeing gross food all over a baby, right?

I got potato happy and stamped triangles on everything. DIY Potato Stamp.

C LAUGHING!!!!! I'm dead over here.

And then C laughed some more. Also, his hair was red then. Also, I miss that stage. Also, I'm still dead from cuteness over here.

He was just SO cute all.the.time. Cstyle.

Other Favorite February posts:
cupcake challenge kick off (which I'm still doing, just haven't blogged them)


A bestie got married.

C just being ridiculously cute & a few pics of him learning to sit up.

Went on a girls trip and a video husband sent to me while I was gone of him singing to me. His voice #swoon. (don't tell him I shared this again, he will kill me)

And now I'm crying. this post and the video up there are killing me.

And then there was that time I pierced my nose. And now I really want my ombre redone.

Other posts I really loved from March:
A day in life of us
another video of C laughing and no. there is no such things as too many of those.
a walk with my boys.


Easter Post & FILM.

C turned 6 months. This whole baby growing up thing just stinks.

Me & C and a pretty tree & a film of him saying DADA for the first time on this post.

A park date with C and friends and teaching him joy.

yep. this image really happened. obsessed.

Made over our Guest Bath. The first of many room redos in 2013.

I started a weekly collaboration with other bloggers called "The Way I See You". One photo a week of our children. Doing ordinary things. Just them the way we see them. you can see all of the submissions here.


C & finn. Heart melt. And yet another film of C chasing Finn & crawling!

Spring pictures with my men.

And even though this video was for a giveaway, I still love it.

We announced our adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!! & I posted pictures of my most favorite maternity session ever.

Family date & I'm a "famous" artist.

I'm forever grateful for this post. Now that josh's mom has moved from josh's childhood home, this post almost makes me cry. I miss that place.

Phew May was a good month. Other favorite posts:
C's first Zoo trip
Babies eating watermelon

A few random facts about yours truly

Another messy post of C eating food. I know, I know. You don't wanna see it, but I can't help it. Everything he does is just so dang cute. But I promise it's the last post of him eating.... i think.

we went on a secret vacation.

Josh and I went away for the weekend WITHOUT C.

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary and I finally posted wedding photos to the blog.

The last of C's gummy smile:(

Other favorite June Posts:
I've lost my mind for real this time- the beginning of my running journey.


a bestie gets married

July 4th photo shoot:)

the truth is I have the cutest kid on the planet. 

Possibly one of the most embarrassing videos of my life BUT the hair tutorials for a beach wave & boho wave are just really good. All credit to my fabulous "hair girl" Emily for showing me how. grab some popcorn, its a doozy, and have fun laughing at me.

Family Beach pictures & a film from our trip

Other favorite July posts:
a post so real & raw I didn't even include pictures.
a day in the life of us 2
why we are adopting and why you should pray about it


In August, I shared a nine post series called "Let's Get Real Here Y'all". I asked 9 friends to write about real life issues. Everything from miscarriages and dating to marriage affairs, deaths of loved ones, and modesty. The Lord moved greatly through this series and the posts by my friends are the ones I'm most proud of this year. Take the time to read through the series, I'm telling you it's soooooo good. The entire series can be found here.

A fun new wall I loved, but C hated. 

DIY large print. 


We passed our Home Study!! an adoption update. although this update is now not really an update because it's old, I still love this post.

Air Plant Wall DIY

C style

Dining Room Tour

Other favorite September posts:
a stroll down memory lane with old childhood photos
a real real bad family date night
C meets Carousel.


C turned ONE birthday post!

yeah, I'm not even gunna pretend I didn't cry through this post.

Your typical fall pumpkin patch post.

You can see our entire Adoption profile book (that book up there) here. and we shared our Adoption Profile film.

The tutorial here

Other October Posts:
C's actual Birthday
Zoo Boo
Halloween Festival


November took the cake for being the BEST and the WORST month of my entire life. In November, the Lord pushed me more than I've ever been pushed before. My faith was tested. Deeply tested. And then, the Lord did a miracle. I witnessed a miracle. No exaggeration, at the exact moment I learned I miscarried, I also learned the greatest news of the entire year. I'll never ever ever forget sitting on the hard observation bed listening to a doctor go on and on about miscarriage all while my phone was in my hand buzzing ever .5 seconds with texts so joyous I cried more from joy than pain. The Lord redeemed. All year I felt He wouldn't. All year I felt Satan might win. And then, on that November morning, Jesus reminded me that He alone is King of all. That He alone can redeem, restore, and heal. And that He answers prayers. I barely blogged in November. But it will forever be my most favorite month. And it will forever hold the best/worst day ever. Oh, and then my brother got engaged so that was pretty awesome:)

three favorite posts from November.
The adoption waiting game. 

I miscarried.

My brother got engaged!

Oh and a Thanksgiving post & film.


Winter Family Pictures

my brother's engagement session

a post that little did I know would eventually land me a gig writing for a magazine & blogging for Tiny Prints.  (more on that in the months to come:)

Christmas Home Tour

Annual Christmas Vomit Post & Film

Other December Favorites:
Walking Dead Ginger Bread House Competition
A bump in the adoption road
C and beads

If you made it through this post in one sitting, you seriously deserve a treat. I must ask you to stop now and treat yourself to cookie, slice of cake, anything really because this post was a pill & you conquered it. Congratulations.

Here's to 2013. For all it held. The good and bad. I'm forever grateful for this year. Looking back at it now I can see how the Lord was so near. How He orchestrated things ever so perfectly.  I leave this year feeling blessed beyond measure. I leave this year thankful.

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Kate Kubler said...

What a beautiful recap. You have experienced such joy and loss. What a beautiful year you had

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