tree pickin

First things first, let's all join in a round of hallelujah's that I've now caught up on pretty much all my editing and can now resume blogging. I mean, I'm way behind. ready. 1.2.3. HALLELUJAH!

So, Tree Pickin. Around my house growing up, this day was a major event. All 6 (now 8) siblings would compete over who could find the bestest most greatest most beautifulest tree on the entire lot. Anyways, we've carried this tradition over into our little family. Real trees only for the Kublers. Since Thanksgiving came late this year, we actually got our tree a few days before Thanksgiving. And don't bahumbug me. If I had it my way, we'd be getting it every year before Thanksgiving.
We pick our tree, grab some yummy lunch, head home and decorate the mess out of it all in one evening. And you know Christmas music is drowned out by our imitating voices singing along. Chex mix usually accompanies an ornament in our hands and hot chocolate (if we have it) is steaming close by. It's our "let's kick this season off right" tradition. Our "who cares if Thanksgiving hasn't come yet, we are putting this tree up early dangit" tradition.
This year C was a little more aware of what was happening. He considered us bonkers when we dragged him out in light rain to pick a tree. He considered us even more slightly off our rocker when we put said tree in our living room. He was all like "guys, do you know that's in here. in our living room. why?" He walks by it occasionally hitting a branch and shaking his head no. We've got a real scrooge on our hands, but by golly I'll fix that if it's the last thing I do.
 There's a real art to picking a tree. It never fails every year I like one tree and husband likes another. I'm pretty sure last year husband gave in to mine, so this year I returned the favor. What's that you say? Every tree looks the same? ummmm no mam or sir for any of you are sirs out there (should I be weirded out your reading my blog?? I'll just go with it). They do not. Some are stiff, some loose. Some have needles, some don't. Some smell just like christmas and the others just like an allergy attack waiting to happen. When you get really lucky,  you happen upon that perfect tree. You know, the one that peaks ever so perfectly. It's heavy on the bottom and perfectly proportional on all sides. No gaps for this master of a tree! That's the tree I'm determined to find every year. This year, I wasn't really convinced husband found the tree of all trees, but once we fancied that guy all up, he was perfection. Perfectly filled. Perfectly peaked.
Hopefully, like really, hopefully this is a tradition in your home. If not, get with it and make it one! Just a fun way to start the season off. Dedicate an entire day to the tree decorating.&&&&& be sure to document it!! I can't wait to look back on these images year after year and look at how my children have grown. oh goodness, my sappy soul, look at how tiny C was last year.

Be sure to head over here today. I'm talking tips for starting traditions for your family!


Kate Kubler said...

We believe in a real tree too, Kate! It just isn't Christmas without one!:) And there's nothing yummier than the scent of a perfect Christmas tree throughout the month of December. Loving these photos. And can't believe how tiny C was last year at this time. They grow so fast! Our little man is 6 months, and we got some pictures of him while tree picking...Can't even imagine how big he'll be this time next year. Gosh. Bring on the tears!!!

Kate Kubler said...

I've never gotten a real Christmas tree before, but you sure make the process sound like a fun tradition!

Kate Kubler said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Who cares if it's before Thanksgiving?? What a fun tradition! I'm sure the tree is just gorgeous all gussied up! :)

Kate Kubler said...

Beautiful pictures! C is adorable as always ha! Little Scrooge. Kaia does the same thing to us if it makes you feel better! Ha except now she enjoys sticking her nose in all the presents! Beautiful tradition :) Wish we could have a real tree! Unfortunately we found out real quick when I was little that every one of them are allergy attacks for me. Ha darn allergies

Kate Kubler said...

love the photos! that wreathe is adorable as well!

BTW, im hosting a "Tell All Tuesdays" Blog Hop with Fitness Blondie. Join us :)


Kate Kubler said...