2014 Goals, January Goals, and THE word.

How can it seriously be a new year? I can honestly remember sitting here at the start of 2013, praying that the Lord would allow the year to finish better than it started. And it did. Because the Lord is good. And even if it hadn't, the Lord is still good. But by God's grace it did. Make sense?

I've been pondering for a couple of days what I wanted my New Year's resolutions to be. And then I started thinking that maybe I wouldn't make resolutions for the entire year, but do it month by month. It seemed that this way, I would be more accountable. It wouldn't be so overwhelming. So I started writing out the month of January goals and as I was doing so, goals for the year just kind of flowed out of that. 

 So, Overall Goals for 2014 in no particular order:

1. Serve others how I want to be served. I love when I get random letters in the mail, gift cards left in mail box, dinner unexpectedly, pies from a friend, a friend keeping C so we can have a night out, a simple coffee bought by a friend, a gift arriving in the mail that was picked off my pinterest list, husband having the entire house cleaned while I'm gone. These things speak to me. I guess my love language has evolved over the years and acts of service has climbed to the top. So this year, I want to love others the way I love to be loved. I want to serve them. Love them. This includes family, friends, and complete strangers. Each month I'll set a goal of serving someone unexpectedly. I crave a servants heart, but it's hard for me, if I'm being honest. So that's a major flaw I want fixed this year, and by God's grace alone, He can do that through me.

2. Complete the Chronological 1 Year reading through the bible plan. I started this just a few days before 2013 ended. I'm 6 days in. 6 consecutive days. My BIG goal is to never miss a single day ever, but my realistic goal is to just finish it by the end of 2014.

3. Run a Half Marathon or 2. This goal was supposed to be completed in 2013, but my race was cancelled due to bad weather. So this year, I want I will run it in December for St. Jude. I'd also love to run another one during the spring or summer. If not a second half then definitely run a 5k or 2. I seriously can't believe I just typed that paragraph. Who am I?

4. Become a mom of 2. This is totally out of my control. My main goal here is to learn to rest in the Lord's timing. I prayed and hoped that 2013 would bring our second child, but He clearly shut that door. Both biologically (our miscarriage) and through our adoption. But Lord willing by adoption or biologically, I will be a mom of 2 before this year is out. I need more babies.

5. Decorate our master bedroom and C's new room (clean out the entire house, declutter). Our master bedroom is the definition of ugh. It's real bad. I want to pain the walls, get new furniture, and decorate it. BUT, I don't want to be excessive about it. This means selling a lot of what I already have so I can have the money to do it without breaking our budget. Also, I'm planning to move C to our other downstairs bedroom that is currently empty. That way the new baby can move right into his room. I need furniture for his new room & a new crib for the baby. Again, I'll be selling a lot we already have to make this happen. I'm pretty excited about clearing out our garage. I made enough money last year at our garage sell to completely redecorate our dining room and foyer! I really don't feel like we have an excessive amount of stuff. We've done a great job about limiting our spending (I only bought myself one item from July to December, and this is mostly because we are on the tightest of budgets thanks to my frugal husband) and on a monthly basis clearing stuff out, but we can always do better.

6. Complete 2013 and 2014 Family Year Book. I have loved the idea of family year books for some time now. I want our images and stories throughout the year to be in a tangible book. So each year from now on, I'll be making a family year book. I've got to start and finish 2013. But for 2014, I want to complete each month at the end of each month or at least start it so that I'm not playing catch up at the end of the year.

7. Push myself creatively. I'm not sure what this means just yet. I know for sure I want to grow as a photographer. Step out of my comfort zone. And, I also want to learn to knit. And, I want to complete a DIY project I've always been to scared to do.

8. Read more books. I'm not going to put a limit to how many. Just to read. This will be a monthly goal. I'll take it month by month how much I'm going to read.

9. Complete an entire work out DVD. I've done 30 day shred more times than I can count. But this year, I want to complete like a 6 week DVD workout. Or something along that nature. Really, I want to join a gym, but we ain't got money for that. So along with running, this is my attempt at staying healthy. Not to mention it greatly helps with my thyroid.

10. Take 12 "Different" Dates & Family Dates. Once a month I want to take a date with Husband we normally wouldn't do (obviously we will take more than 1 date a month, but this one date has to be different than our standard dates). Batting cages, bowling, jump parks, etc. AND once a month I want to take "Different" family dates. Take C to a museum, circus, new park, etc. The standard date for us is dinner at a normal spot and a movie. I want to reallllly date my husband this year and get out of our normal standard date rut. 

11. Less social media. Because DUH. 

12. More Jesus. By this I mean, I'm more Jesus to my husband. More Jesus to C. More Jesus to loved ones. I want to shine more Jesus. Be a better wife. A better mother. A better friend. One that shines more Jesus in all those categories. Pray for my husband even more. serve and love C even more. I think this will show itself more in the month by month goal setting.

There. Those are my overall 2014 goals. Phew.

I think breaking these goals down every month will help me stay accountable to doing them, and make them more realistic. So here goes. 

1. Spend time in the word every.single.day
2. Run 3 times a week. work back up to a normal 5 miles a day. Currently at 3.
3. Start AND finish our family year book for 2013
4. Blog for Tiny Prints. (pushing myself creatively)
5. Clean the ENTIRE house. Every room. Inside and Out. Like Deep, deep clean. yuck.
6. Take our 1 different date and 1 family date.
7. Brain storm room ideas for our master and C's new big room (that eventually both boys will share). 
8. Pray for my husband every single day. I think in 2013 there were too many days that slipped by where I didn't pray for my husband. Gosh, that's awful. I want to lift him up every single day to the Lord this month.

Okay people. Here's to hoping this whole month by month goal setting thing works.

Last year, my word for the year was redemption.  I won't try to explain what that word meant to me throughout the year or how the Lord used it mightily in life. It's very personal. But, I loved meditating on that word throughout the year.

This year I'm choosing the word Contentment. I want to be content in Christ. I want to find my satisfaction, my fulfillment, my joy, my happiness in him. I want to be content with where the Lord has me now and in the every day. I don't mean for contentment to come across as stale or stagnant. I obviously want to challenge and push myself to grow in the Lord, to grow in my marriage, to grow as a person and a mother, but I mean that at the end of it all, my contentment is found only in Him. I want to be content. Not comparing, not looking towards future life changes, not jealous, not coveting. Just content. And you know what, this last week, every morning in my quiet time I've prayed that Lord would help me be content that day, and each day that passed a peace grew greater and greater. I stopped daydreaming about getting "The Call", I stopped trying to figure what "thing" I could do next or what I felt I was missing out on. I stopped checking our adoption profile online for "hits", I stopped checking social media as often & when I did check it, I wasn't prone to covet or compare. When the thoughts crept into my mind, I started praying against it and instead of wanting what someone had or wanting something I didn't have yet, I started praising the Lord for blessing other people and praising Him for where He has me NOW. And it's brought a peace. I plan to write this word somewhere where I will see it daily and constantly. Maybe make it my home screen on my phone.

I love reading other peoples resolutions and words for the year. Are you choosing a word for 2014? I want to hear it!

“Christian contentment is that sweet, inward, quiet, gracious frame of spirit, which freely submits to and delights in God's wise and fatherly disposal in every condition.”
― Jeremiah Burroughs


Kate Kubler said...

Yes yes yes. Love all of these goals so much. Many of them are my prayer, too. LOVE what you shared about what the Lord has done in your heart about contentment lately. That was super encouraging and convicting to me. I want to be more intentional to pray that prayer daily and as temptation arrises. LOVE this, friend. Welcome, 2014!

Kate Kubler said...

Love this. Contentment is something I need to work on to. I spend more time than I should thinking on what I 'wish' I could have in my life instead of thanking God every second for my precious family. 2013 was such a blessing to us. Still praying for that second baby boy to come into your lives soon. Your family is so sweet. We would love to really get to know you!

Kate Kubler said...

I love this entry, Contentment is something we can all use more off :)

Kate Kubler said...

I love all these goals, but especially your first one. Servanthood is something that comes hard to me as well and I want to work harder at this year. By God's grace alone, indeed, and I pray He works mightily in us to accomplish the good work He is faithful to complete.

Kate Kubler said...

These are all awesome goals! I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you and your beautiful family!!!

Kate Kubler said...

Amen. "Contentment" is the same word the Lord has laid on my heart for 2014. It's going to be a good year!

Kate Kubler said...

This is awesome. Those are some big goals for one month. I don't know if I would be able to do all those. I love your word. It's so perfect. I choose Free for my word. I can link you the blog post if you want. I haven't really figured out my "resolutions" this year just a silent whisper really.