A day in the life of us.

this post is strictly for my enjoyment. And while I love reading how other moms organize their day, I don't expect anyone to really read or care about this post, but me and my future self years from now. I mean days like this and this seem agggeesss ago.

7am. I get up. some days even earlier. I run/workout, have my quiet time, and maybe squeeze in some blog time or answer emails

8:30-9 C wakes up. and my gosh getting him up in the mornings is thheeeeeee best part of the whole day.  This is usually followed by family snuggle time in our bed before husband heads off to work.

9:30-1pm. C eats breakfast and then we have the rest of that time to play, run errands go on playdates, grocery shop, and clean house. He eats lunch around 11:30/12, and then usually takes a bath right before nap because if you see him eat, you'd understand. Bathing has to happen daily at this point.

1-5pm. At 1pm C goes down for a nap and usually sleeps until 4:15-5 (somedays 5 if he's really tired, some days 3:30 if he slept good the night before. most days it's 4:30ish) During this time, I have my quiet time first thing if I over slept that morning (on this day I documented, C and I were both sick so I slept in that morning), I blog, edit, answer emails, work on DIY projects, and finish my daily chores. If I'm real, real lucky and get all my stuff done quickly, I'll have time to watch one TiVo'd show before husband gets home around 3:30 or 4, but y'all this likes to never happen. You'd think SAHM's had all the time in the world but somehow those 4 hours of C napping pass with flying colors & I'm able to barely get things finished.

4:30/5ish. C gets up, and it's family time. We play and read books like there is no tomorrow.  I prep dinner around 5 and we all eat close to 6. (Also, no phones are really allowed during this time. We've really started making an effort to put them away while C is up. During the morning when it's just me and him, I try to leave mine in my room or office so I'm not tempted to let it consume me or distract from C)  On this particular night we were supposed to have dinner with friends, but like I said earlier, we were sick. So we rescheduled and popped in a frozen pizza, so I didn't have to cook. PTL for frozen pizza.

7:30 is C's bedtime. We have our family worship time right before bed, and this is probably my second favorite time of day. C usually falls asleep immediately. Husband and I then have the rest of the night to ourselves which includes tivo'd shows, or mario on Wii (don't hate, we get so competitive and love it... i know, we're dorks), or I'll finish blogging/editing while he plays basketball on the xbox and usually we read before we go to bed. Sometimes we are rebels and husband will leave to get a redbox or ice cream.  Actually, that happens quite often:) Our bedtime is usually around 10 or 10:30.

 I really thought I would hate having C only take one nap a day. But now, I really love it. It allows me to run all my errands in the morning without having to come home early to get C down for a morning nap. And, he just does better with one long nap. Yesterday, while I was documenting our day, I couldn't help but get emotional. I'm extremely happy with where our life is now. With our schedule. Our routine. I know I'm crazy ready for a Birth Mom to hurry up and pick us and have another baby, but I have to admit, that if that doesn't happen for several more months, I'll be okay. I will. Because life just the three of us is quite blissful. And my day to day is right where I want to be. I posted a while back in my 2014 goals post that Contentment was my word for the year. We are only 2 weeks into 2014 and the Lord is already blowing my mind with it. The time of two sons will come. The time of being a family of 4 will soon be here, but until then, I will rest and be content as three. I love these two too much not to be.


Kate Kubler said...

Y'all are adorable! So glad that Family worship time is a priority. :)

Kate Kubler said...

This sounds like such a nice schedule! You have a beautiful family!

Kate Kubler said...

Oh my goodness I would love it if my P slept that long! (2 hour nap is our usual)
I love the idea of no phones in the evening! It so easily distracts us from life :)

Kate Kubler said...

do it girl! it's a game changer!

Kate Kubler said...

thank you friend. I'm incredibly, undeservedly blessed

Kate Kubler said...

yes mam! It's a must for this sinful momma

Kate Kubler said...

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