an essay on family dates

C is currently spreading yogurt all over his Tripp Trapp and self, possibly even my beloved geometric wall, all because I'm sitting here typing this and he's learning how to feed himself via big boy spoon. It's currently one of those moments I'm letting go of my neat freak wanna be self and letting him make a big fat mess because he's learning. And every time he gets his spoon in his mouth his eye brows shoot up like "bajinga! I'm a genius!" and the mess is instantly worth it.  but this isn't any essay on messy, genius toddlers teaching themselves how to use a spoon. So, I'll get to the point.

Family Dates. you mommas out there know what I mean by family dates. They are this magical day you dream up in your mind as being positively perfect in every way (as good ole Mary Poppins declares) and you think because you've bestowed it to be family date day that everything will tick tock on cue. The kids will hold your hand or ride in the stroller humming "oh, what a beautiful moooorrrrnnning" and giggle at nothing and everything. We mothers seem to think that because it's family date day all the stars will align in the world and the most beautiful day is ahead..... hahahahahahahahahahahaha. wishful thinking. Here's what a real family date day consist of outside our wishful dreams.

Little boy is really to young to enjoy most things so there is no point in paying big money for a family date. You realize you need to return a rented camera lens in a part of town you neeevverr travel too, so therefore, this will be the perfect time to explore that part of town, (or just go to its big giant mall and walk around and let your little boy ride the carousel because they are his most favorite things ever). Once arriving to the mall, a miracle happens and you get 15 minutes alone to shop some of your favorite stores while husband pushes baby around a book store. But because you actually have money to spend and time alone, NOT A SINGLE THING IN TWO STORES IS WORTH BUYING! #storyofmylife.

So by this time, your belly is full of food court grub, your christmas money is still safely tucked away in your bank account, and the carousel is completely empty. Just one problem. The $2 carousel only takes cash and you never carry cash. After finally breaking down the stickler of a husband, you convince him it's worth the ATM visit. SO, a $2 ride quickly becomes an $7 ride, but like I convinced husband, it was worth it. Because as sooooon as little boy sees that carousel, his world stops. He lights up, pretends to ride it before it even starts, and talks in baby gibberish you don't understand at all but are pretty sure he's saying "you're the best human on this whole earth and I'll love you till the day I die". He smiles the entire time the ride is going and constantly points to the other animals going up and down and up and down. And then, it stops. And you have to pry his little fingers off. And he starts crying and refuses to take a picture with you. And then the whole time you are trying to put him back in the stroller he arches his backs and reaches out to the carousel. Then you all pile up in the car, drive home, and little boy is asleep before you exit the parking lot.

That's the reality of family dates. They don't always go perfectly, heck they probably never do. The little ones pretty much always ended up crying over something. And, you forget cash. But at the end of it, the little ones are passed out in the back seat because they've had a blast and you get to hold the husband's hand on the drive home. It was a perfect day.

One of my goals this year is to have one different family day each month. Do something we wouldn't normally do for a family date. And although it was just a simple date at a mall, riding a carousel, it's something we never find time to do. The mall is almost an hour from our home, so we never go. Some months I imagine we will spend more money or do something "extravagant". But this month it was just the mall. And it was positively, perfect in every way. kind of.


Kate Kubler said...

precious! I can't wait to have family dates!!! It's a dream of mine!

Kate Kubler said...

Ohmigoodness, look at those suspenders! How adorable is he?!

Makeover With Aspen

Kate Kubler said...

That sounds like so much fun! He is just precious.

Kate Kubler said...

This makes me have little dreams of what it will be like one day!! Love!

Kate Kubler said...

You seriously didn't have $2 cash, cannot believe 2 adults are wandering around with no cash. Is there a reason you never carry cash? How do you pay for things that are just a dollar or two? I cleaned out my purse the other day and had $15 in quarters alone, it was great for minor purchases for the next few days.