How I Stay Organized and a Glittery DIY

 I like to consider myself as a very organized person, husband begs to differ on account of our always, messy bathroom and closet. But shouldn't he know that's just the way it's going to be with women? So besides those two tornado pits, I love me some organization. It's the tick to my tock so to speak. And none of it would be possible without my Erin Condren planner. My sister gave me one last year for a mother's day present, and it c h a n g e d my life. seriously. it did.

I used that sucker to organize in ways Mrs. Erin probably never dreamed imaginable. Okay, well it's probably exactly what she dreamed it up for, but you get my drift. It's perfect for organizing. I just had one issue.... where to put it? I mean, it came with me places constantly- to the grocery, to adoption meetings, etc. But, once I got home, it had no place to rest. So for months, I just let it lay on our counter. BIG MISTAKE. There is stuff dried on my old one that I don't even remember cooking, gross. Now that I have a brand new shiny one that I ordered off of Tiny Prints (totalllly recommend doing, it came it way faster than ordering from Erin's site), I want to keep it off the counters, but still in my kitchen. Thus the solution:

 AND VOILA. The most perfect and adorable planner stand. Or ipad stand when I cook, or to hold a print, etc.
(WARNING!! use some gloves when spraying that adhesive. It is no joke and will not come off of your hands no matter what you do. I mean, I'm speaking for a friend here.... of course iiiiiiii used gloves......)

Stand, glitter, spray adhesive can all be found at your local crafts store! Just spray, sprinkle glitter, and let set. I think I did go over it with some Mod-Podge just so it wouldn't shed as bad.

Isn't it darling?? I'm in love. It now sits on that sparkly, little stand all while showing it's bad self off, all while not getting gross on the counter. whoop! And, it's still totally accessible for organizing or grabbing as I walk out the door.

so, about organization, did I mention I like to organize?
 I ordered the Weekly Life Planner from Tiny Prints because I love that it breaks down each day into morning, noon, and night, as well as, shows the entire month on one spread. (if you order the Monthly Notebook, you will not have the date broken down, it's just the monthly spread) On the monthly spread, I list out events or activities we have planned for that month, duh. I also use the side column to list out my monthly goals. I love love love love really love listing my goals here. I can't tell you how accountable it's made me to finishing them.

 As much as I love the monthly spread, it's the daily break down pages that are my jam. I use the morning box to list out my daily chores and workout days, since I try to do them both in the morning first thing. Get um done and over with!
 The "day" box is for my errands, what crafts I need to complete, what sessions need editing, etc.
 And I use the "night" box as our dinner menu. I may not always fix exactly what I have scheduled for that night, but I love listing it out at the beginning of the month (yes, I shop for the entire month at one time) because it helps me see what nights I need to cook and what nights we will be eating out or going to an event.
 Then wayyy down at the bottom, I use this little space to remind me to blog certain posts. I have to be honest, I didn't do this last year, and I don't want to be a stickler about it this year, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with posts I want to write, but since I don't write them down I forget about them totally. I think this will help me this year remember to write certain posts. BUT I'm not going to live and die by it. Geez that all just sounds like one big contradictory mess.

I've used cheap little planners from various places in the past, but I just have to tell you, this planner is worth the investment. For one thing, it's like waaayyyyyyy prettier & you can customize it on Tiny Prints. Not to mention, TP is always having discounts and offers on other fun, personalized gifts! And two, most planners you find won't have near as much "extras" as this planner. For example, there's a notes section (my one from last year is filled with adoption notes and will forever hold a special place in my heart), a contacts section, pages and pages of stickers both premade and tons extra for you to customize (like I did for my monthly goals column), a cute folder for stray paper,  a ruler, a clear pocket, adorable birthday or happy stickers, and a place for special dates in the front. Told ya, this baby is the Rolls Royce of planners. 

Now, excuse me while I go stare at it on my counter. It's just so pretty!


Kate Kubler said...

Good Good stuff!!!
Thanks so much for sharing. I've wanted a really good planner for so long, but always hesitate to buy any I see in stores because they just don't seem appealing/good enough.
You've sold me on this one!
AND you can personalize it, too?! Totally sold.
Great post!
(And I love the glittery stand! So pretty!)

Kate Kubler said...

I love the planner! I want one so bad..I'm saving up for one!! And that stand is WAY too cute! I love anything glittery!

Kate Kubler said...

That glitter shelf for it is so cute--and so is your planner,for that matter!

Kate Kubler said...

I love this DIY! I have a few of those laying around our house & I could definitely spruce them up! Great idea!

Kate Kubler said...

I am obsessed with my Erin Condren planner. I don't know what I ever did before I had one!!! Now I must just have to craft a cute glitter holder for it :) :)

Kate Kubler said...

Ok - well now I just want to trash my silly moleskin and rush out and get this one. I'm going to have to bookmark this and remember it when next year comes around!!