February Goals & A look back at January's goals.


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Let's just all take a moment and praise the Lord that January is FINALLY over. Every. single. year. this month seems to last an eternity. (you teachers know what I'm saying). So I'd like to take a moment of silence in celebration of this being the very last day of the longest month of the year.

Okay, now onward. So this is the first year I'm attempting monthly goals. And I gotta admit, I'm already in love with the idea. I got so much done in January and every time I almost slacked off or got lazy, I'd remember that I was going to have to write this post and I wanted to be able to complete them all, so obviously it held me majorly accountable. Yay accountability!

So before we take a look at my February goals, let's see how I did in January:

1. Spend time in the Word everyday: Praise be to the Lord, I totally did this!!!! I started my chronological Bible reading a few days before the new year and I'm pumped to say I've done 5 straight weeks. Please don't mistake this for boasting. I'm just really thankful I've been this consistent.

2. Run 3 times a week & work back up to 5 miles. hahahaha. this totally didn't happen. The first of the month brought lots of rain, then I was sick, then freezing temps. It's been dayssssss maybe even weeks since my last run. I miss it more than I thought I would and I'm so so ready to start running again. Boo mother nature this month!

3. Start AND finish our 2012-2013 Family yearbook. again, hahahahahaha. What was I thinking? I had no idea how time consuming this task would be. I can say that I got completely through the 3 months of 2012 that I wanted to include. So, I did start, but I'm no where near finished.

4. Blog for Tiny Prints. YAY! I did this one! And you can see my first post for TP here

5. Clean the entire house. I did all rooms but two. I just need to deep clean our guest bathroom and C's future room. all other rooms- DONE!

6. Take one different romantic date and family date! These two are probably my two favorite goals and we did both of them! Family date here. Husband and I's date here.

7. Brainstorm ideas for our master and C's future room. CHECK! Thank you pinterest!

8. Pray for Husband every single day! I'm almost 100% sure this happened every single day! I made it a point to always include this prayer in my quite time journals. For some reason though, I think I may have missed a day at some point, but the point isn't to be legalistic about it, but to simply make it more of a habit. And that was accomplished!

So overall, I feel pretty darn good about my January goals!

1. Continue to spend time in the word every single day & pray for my husband!
2. Get back into running and work back up to 3 miles.
3. Get halfway through our Family yearbook, if not close to finishing it!
4. Paint C's future room. (it's currently an ugly green, going for white) & hoping to post an inspiration board & updates along the way!
5. Take our different date & family date! (we already have our romantic date purchased and planned!)
6. Serve others using Valentines day... I'm tossing around a few ideas for this one.
7. Read two books. It wasn't a goal this past month, but I ended up reading three books. Next month may be a tad bit busier so I'm going to shoot for just two.
8. Workout in some form or fashion every single day this month. Maybe that's running, squats, a dvd, etc. Not working out or running this month really took it's toll on me. I was increasingly more tired and in a state of fog. Because of my hypothyroid, not working out can do some damage for me mentally and emotionally. My hormones and body literally needs those endorphins from working out to help everything balance out. I don't plan to workout to get skinner, but just to be more healthy all the way around.
9. Host a giveaway. I'm excited about this one. It won't be your typical type of giveaway!
10. Take on a photography shoot that is both challenging and out of my comfort zone, but also serving someone else. I have one lined up already, but I'm thinking of adding a second!

And my dream goal for this month that is completely out of my hands... become a mom for two. Here's to praying hard core a birth mom picks us this month! Please pray for us:)

That's a lot of goals for this month. Asking the Lord for discipline and guidance! What are your goals for this month? I'd love to see!

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Kate Kubler said...

These are so good. I am really loving monthly goals SO much. You constantly inspire me and challenge me!