If you came over for coffee this week...

 ^^this. last. crummy. iphone. picture. swoon.

alternate universes. I believe in such, well kinda. It's that place when you're first starting to wake up. You're still amidst your dreams, but reality is there too. You're seeing purple cows or falling dolphins from the sky who are letting out the moans of your sleeping son, because he's actually really moaning over his video monitor. (You don't dream of purple cow or falling dolphins? weirdos) It's a hazy place. Your head is heavy and your eyes are throwing a temper tantrum over opening, but you hear all that is real. This is the alternate universe. And this is where I just was like 3 minutes ago. no joke. Waking ups sucks. Naps have hijacked my blogging time the last few days. C and I are recovering from not the flu but what feels sure close to the flu and it's sucked all will power to do anything out of me. And poor C had it the worst. Jolly times were had last night when C and I were sitting on the couch and in a matter of .5 seconds, I was covered in his projectile vomit. Lovely mental image, right? Husbands being the saint he is, came home (despite my death threat texts telling him not to) instead of going to a NBA game to help me nurse C back to health. You wanna know what true rush is? Have your kid throw up on you, your couch, and your carpet while one hand is holding your iphone and the other your son and you have to somehow complete the obstacle course that is getting up off the couch without making more of a mess, run to the bathroom without dropping son or letting pieces of vomit hit the floor all while trying to call the after hours nurse (but not get vomit on the phone) but your iphone decided to go on the fritz. That's a rush. an hour later baby was cleaned, his fever was coming down, and I was left to deal with my emotions from handling my first ever really sick baby throw up moment. I have teared up with tears of thankfulness for my sweet husband sacrificing a fun night with my little brothers to help me clean up vomit. (insert long paragraph about how if you are single you should wait for a Godly guy and not settle bc servant hearted, Godly husbands are out there and worth the wait) Today, he's peachy! No fever, no crying, and I swear every now and then I hear him giggle and say "got you last night mom". That kid, even after last night's events, I'm still madly in love with him. So yeah, naps have hijacked my blogging. That and reading. In the last 48 hours, I've read two books start to finish. Mindy Kaling's book (the title escapes me at the moment) and A Fault In Our Stars. Read both. One's hilarious. The other so incredibly sad you might hate me for suggesting it but you will really love me for suggesting it because it's good. real good. Last year's reading list was full of adoption books and theological books, I needed a break, so I read those two. Both pretty secular, but the styles of writing are genius. And I'm a sucker for genius writing.

So yeah, if you'd come over for coffee the past few days, you'd be either 1. sick yourself. 2. horrified from witnessing such a grotesque moment or 3. just now waking up from a nap yourself because I'd have told you about all the naps I've been taking and you'd be jealous. Because let's get one thing straight, naps are boss.

Here's to healthy rest of the week that hopefully still contains naps.

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Kate Kubler said...

Poor C! I hope that you both get back at it soon!! I know that's been terrible!!