let's be faithful, hold me accountable

The Lord is wrecking me lately. Well, He actually continually wrecks me on a daily basis, but lately it's been on the subject of faithfulness. Through my quiet times and church sermons, not to mention my entire life last year, he has/is showing me that no matter how faithful or faithless we are, HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL. always. Job w a s faithful. He's friends claimed he wasn't. Despite his friends negativity and thwarting from Satan, Job was still faithful. God was faithful to Job. The Israelites were n o t  faithful. When enslaved by the Egyptians, they turned to pagan gods and lived in misery instead of being faithful to God. When they did finally cry out for help in Exodus (before the Lord brought deliverance through Moses), they didn't even cry out specifically to God (yet again, they ignored him). Yet, God was faithful to them and sent deliverance. Sarah (Abraham's wife) was n o t faithful. When the Lord promised a son, she took matters into her own hands and had her servant lay with her husband. Yet, God was still faithful to her and gave her a son several years later. The Lord doesn't respond to our faithfulness or there lack of differently with each passing situation. He always responds the same, faithfully. It's just blowing my mind lately. Last year, there were many situations in my life where those around me were choosing to be faithless, and I would find myself doubting that God WOULD deliver (not that He could, I know He could, I was just scared He wouldn't). They ignored God, much like the Israelites, and yet, the Lord was faithful to them and brought restoration. I found myself doubting that God could like Sarah doubted and yet, you guessed it, the Lord was faithful to me and He did. Oh, we are so undeserving of his faithfulness.

So what does all of this have to do with what I want to share today? I want to be faithful. One of my resolutions this year was to complete my one year bible reading plan. So far, I'm three weeks in (I started a few days before the new year) and I haven't missed a day, praise Jesus! Like most Christians, I struggle with my sinful, human flesh and let other things through out my day take the time I should devote to reading the word. I've been guilty of that too many times in my life and I want this year to be the year that becomes obsolete.

 I'd love some accountability in this. A few women from my church will be doing this along with me, but I thought I'd extend the accountability to any of you reading. This is the plan I'm using. Feel free to use your own (it doesn't have to be a chronological one either). Maybe you are half way through doing this, maybe you are like me and just got started, or maybe you haven't started at all. Whoever you are, pray about joining me. If you have an Instagram, I'll be using the hashtag #oneyearofbiblereading. I'd love for you to let me know if you are joining in whether instagram or through blogging. I'll try to update IG once a week (using the hashtag) with what the Lord has taught me through my quiet times that week. And I'll be updating this blog a few times a month as well. Every time I update on IG or on the Blog, I'd love for those who are joining in to comment/write their own post on IG and use the hashtag (and please tag me too so I will for sure see it)/ or blogging about it and leaving a comment on my blog so I can read. I'm hoping this creates a sense of accountability for us all. I've tried reading through the bible in years past but didn't have the discipline or accountability like I do now. And I want to help you be accountable too.

I'd love to scroll the hash tag on IG on any given day and read about what the Lord is showing some of you during your quiet times. What I may be learning through Genesis may be completely different from what the Lord is showing you and because of that, we can encourage each other  and learn something we may have not of seen. Get what I'm saying? Or maybe it's that you read something and became confused or would like more insight, by using the hashtag or commenting or emailing me, we can discuss what is happening in that given passage (aka I'll be consulting my husband a lot and do, can't even tell you how wonderful it is to be married to a pastor/seminary graduate:)

I hope this is making sense and that you stuck around to read this this post in its entirety. I really believe that the Lord can use social media to advance the kingdom, reach the lost, and strength the body when used to glorify Him. I'd love to see my IG feed fill up with women sharing what the Lord has taught them through his word that week.

The thing is, all the days of this year are going to come and pass us by no matter what, why not start now and devote/discipline ourselves to fill those days with being faithful and reading God's word.

So, will you join me? comment here, spread the word on IG, Print this plan if you like (or buy a one year reading bible, or print your own different plan), and let's be faithful this year!  

and don't forget to use #oneyearofbiblereading

and because this song is my jam right now (read: makes me cry like a baby & so incredibly filled with truth) 


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Kate Kubler said...

What a good idea, I was thinking about doing something similar to this the other day. Oh and that song... listen to it almost daily, hits me where I need it

Kate Kubler said...

Awesome idea! I would love to join in and could totally use the accountability too!