The Way I See You

this series of photos is simply for my enjoyment. I haven't done a "The Way I See You" post in a while. sheesh. C got a Teepee for his birthday back in October. We needed a few supplies to put it together and finally got around to assembling it a few weeks ago. I caught his reaction on camera. Needless to say, he's a major fan of the Teepee & refuses to go through the designated opening. Army crawling under the other sides is where it's at apparently.
 he played and played and played some more. I can tell this teepee is going to be in the background of many childhood memories for this boy and his brothers (or sisters). Long live the teepee!

 Also, why on earth is blogger all of the sudden making my photos pixely as junk. ugh.  Any one out there know the problem or how to fix this?! I have the right resolutions and width...

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Kate Kubler said...

Awww this these pictures are so cute <3 He's got some adorable blue eyes!
I have since switched to wordpress, but when I used blogger, the pictures were always showing up really pixelated…which is annoying! (I think it has something to do with how many pictures you have uploaded to your blog total…when you get a lot, they get super pixelated.) I ended up switching from uploading directly to blogger (which uses picasa) to uploading to Flickr first, copying the HTML code and pasting it into my posts. Flickr has REALLY nice quality for pictures. It adds an extra step, but it's definitely worth it and not too much of a hassle. It used to be that you had to pay for Flickr, but it's free now! If you have any questions about using Flickr with blogger, feel free to email me (my email address is under 'talk to me' on my blog megankristineblog.com) it's sometimes confusing if you haven't ever used it before :) Hope you're having a lovely week! -Megan