Christmas Card DIY IDEA, aka please help me

 Notice the title says IDEA and not project. That's because this isn't the final product. I need help!!

okay, so here's the deal. I've been meaning to make this DIY project since after Christmas, but as usual, time slipped away. I couldn't think of the right way to execute it, so I kept putting it off. Well, I was sick of that, so I finally made a quick fix option in hopes of someone out there (you) lending a hand or idea.

I LOVE Christmas Cards. Who doesn't? I happily display them on my chicken wire wall until days after Christmas. But after that, they were just collecting in a pile in my coat closet. I knew that this year I wanted to create a book out of them. Each year, I'll add them to the book. I love being able to see all these precious Tiny Prints Christmas cards year round. I love seeing the families change and grow. I love praying over them with my family every night at family dinner. I DON'T love the book.

So, for weeks I tried to think of the best way to create this book. I searched for albums, I tried pulling an existing book apart to use the cover and back, and I failed. I was sick of the cards just sitting on my table waiting until I came up with a grand idea. I was babysitting my sister's kids long with watching C one day and decided amongst the chaos that I was going to whip something out. No matter how crappy or temporary.

So a few pieces of card stock, grey acrylic paint, and small wire later here it is!

^^I have to say these Tiny Prints & Shutterfly cards are my absolute favorite!

This is a great way to teach our son about praying for others, actually pray for others & I'm able to see the cards more:) win win!

It needs serious help. SO, anyone out there got ideas? Know of an album I could use? I'm thinking maybe clear sheet protectors of some sort so I can really protect the cards. I'd love a hard album so that over the years, it will last. This cardstock may last me a good 3 months at tops. If you have any ideas or links to any albums, PLEASE drop a comment.

I'd totally encourage you to make a book of your own using your saved Christmas Cards. I can't express how much I love the idea. I'm even thinking of adding birthday cards of friend's babies (and my kiddos) along the year too. Or birth announcements. Like I'm totally making and adding one like this to my book when we SOMEDAY get our match with our adoption!

Okay, people. Help me out! While this book is a great temporary fix, it's just that, temporary! I need ideas for something more permanent. And I've got major DIY writer's block.

I promise to do an updated post when I find a good solution!


Kate Kubler said...

I made a similar book to this with our wedding cards, using cereal box cardboard covered with cardstock for the two covers, and it's actually held up reasonably well--of course, I don't throw it around or anything, it's on the shelf with the rest of my albums! Hardly any of our Christmas card senders send picture cards--usually just the more traditional Christmas greeting card that you buy at the grocery store...I wonder if the picture card is only beloved by certain generations?

Kate Kubler said...

This is such a GREAT idea!! I'm kicking myself right now for not saving our cards form this year. What about getting a nice journal & taping the cards to the inside, maybe using washi tape to jazz it up a little bit? You could even use the opposite page from the picture to write down requests/answered prayers that you know of for those specific families throughout the year

Kate Kubler said...

Okay this may be a bummer of an idea but its the first thing that came to mind. At office max, they have small three ring binders that are perfect sizes to put cards in. You could definitely check into that! Plus they have the slots on the outside so you could make a cute photoshop design with the years of the cards. I hope that makes sense?

Kate Kubler said...

Cute idea!!! Look at you. Always so clever. I need get on this level. Ha!

Okay, so! This could be a silly... or impossible... idea that just came to me. Here it goes, though, ha! I tried to break it into sections to its easier to follow...

• Take any hardback book. Anything. Use only the front and back wall of the book and eliminate the little 1"+ center.

• Drill tiny holes on the left side, evenly through both pieces of the book cover –– similar to the book you created above.

• Paint it. Yes. Paint it up, down, side-to-side, do multiple splashes of colors, spruce it up. Add some colorful, various sizes of buttons on the face of the book. Whatever floats your boat. Or washi tape or cool ribbon along the edge. Or ALL of that if you feel way adventurous! OH ---> {idea inside an idea: slice up a cool design from the leftover book-cover-center-piece and paint that, too, a solid color - then, place it anywhere on the front with the " :: Pray Continually :: " etched onto it.} Vertically... horizontally... diagonally.

• Decorate the inside if you want... Add a pocket if you want that, too, on the left column. However. Whatever. :)

• Toss in those cool pit-cha's.

• Wire it up.

• Do something cool on the back... Maybe a collage of Christmas Cards you have personally created over the years.


Okay. There's the crazy idea.

Good luck with this awesome project - I will def. be checking for the final masterpiece!

Brooklyn DeShea


Kate Kubler said...

I bought something that looks exactly like this except front and back are laminated, they only used one ring in upper left hand corner and had a cute little bow tied. It was marked $14.95 but I got it for $1 at thrift store, it was brand new. Yours is custom made so even better. Sad to say I bought mine in Oct but still haven't used it, cards are in gallon ziplock. I used to store mine in one of those $2 photo boxes from Michael's, just stacked one year on top of another.