Got Plans Friday? Yes? Cancel them & COME HEAR!

Last month, I headed downtown with a group of guys from my church to shoot some promotional shots for their upcoming EP release. I'm incredibly blessed to get to hear these guys lead worship at our church every single Sunday (well, almost as blessed as when my husband used to lead the worship:) brownie points right?) Anyways, to say they are talented would obviously be an understatement. Not only are they insanely musically talented, their lyrics scream Christ. Their songs are full of words like atoning, sacrifice, holiness, ransom, iniquity, redemption. There are millions of cheesy christian songs out there with annoyingly cheesy lyrics. These are not those songs. Every song is so gospel based and ingeniously written. I knew they were talented, but I was honestly blown away when I heard their CD. It's just crazy good. Like Cold play meets Christan music.

Take a listen to their version of Nothing But the Blood

 And Here's a teaser to their EP:

I've been in a community group with every single one of these guys. They've sat in my living room and discussed the Word. My husband and I have watched them grow in Christ and exude Him daily. We've lived life with them for over 3 years now, and I can honestly say they are the real deal. They aren't in it for fame or money. They are in it to proclaim Christ and truely worship Him. To quote them :

"Our desire is simply to use our talents and devotion to the Word to be the continuation of the incarnation, to make disciples that make disciples"

Here's a link where you can listen to their entire EP!! It will be released on Itunes on the 27th (TOMORROW) & I can not stress how badly you need to purchase it. I already have the CD, but will be purchasing it again, no doubt. Their CD hasn't left my player in my car since I got it last month. Not even exaggerating. And somehow every time I listen to it I fall in love with it more and the lyrics hit home even more.

If you're a local and you have plans Friday night, CANCEL them and come to this night of worship & celebration of their EP release. It's going to be a fantastic night! Bring your family, your date, anyone and everyone and support these guys. Oh, and watch husband MC the entire event (on his birthday!) And I'd love to see you too:) Head here to RSVP!

Check out and like their FACEBOOK page here! To book them for an event (yes, they travel) head here!

Hunter, Kyle, Dustin, Jon, and Phil thank you for all you do for our church. Thank you for loving Jesus and creating music that glorifies Him.  We love you guys!

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